Good evening everybody- a few weeks’ ago I published my ‘What I Eat in A Day’ blog post- it was one of my favourite blog posts to write and I always love reading them when other bloggers do them: I’m always on the hunt to mix things up and it can often feel boring to have sweet potato again. (I don’t know what I’d do without them) However, when I was uploading it, I was thinking about it might be good to start introducing more vegetable based meals– rather than just adding them to fish and chicken like I’m currently doing. My relationship with meat is an interesting one: when we lived in China,  I hardly ate any meat and felt great on it but since my return to the UK ,I… View Post

As you know, I absolutely love doing gluten free guides. My guides to London and Birmingham have  done really well- so I felt it was only right I took on my version of a gluten free Cambridge when I visited there over the Easter bank holiday. Cambridge was such a beautiful city and there were plenty of options on hand for enjoying gluten free Cambridge, dairy free in Cambridge, as well as options for vegans and those on a Paleo diet. So, let’s get started…   Millworks, Newham Road       Swordfish steak     Meat Sharing Platter Located in a beautiful scenic spot next to Mill Pond (only a few minutes stroll from the bustle of the historic centre) Millworks offers completely separate menus for both gluten free and dairy free… View Post

Since moving house, I’ve been attempting to stay in much more- we finally have a decent size living room to entertain and I don’t have to fret about what’s on the restaurant menu! One of the hardest things I find as gluten free and dairy free is just things to snack on that are also reasonably healthy! I get so bored of ready salted crisps! Today I thought I’d share with you all about how I chill at home gluten and dairy-free style!   What I Watch Gilmore Girls: ok, confession time: I never watched Gilmore Girls the first time around! The revival came on and I clicked out of mild curiosity. One episode later, I was hooked! I think it’s really rare to find a TV show these days that doesn’t… View Post