With it being Coeliac UK Awareness Week, there’s lots of new gluten-free products to test out. A few days ago I shared my 13 new gluten free products you need to try. Today, I am going to chat to you about the new Tesco gluten  free range – perfect timing considering there’s 3 for 2 on all of it until the end of tomorrow! With this in mind, the folks at Tesco challenge me to go on a bit of a free-from haul to checkout their new range. Here’s what I picked out………     The first thing I spotted was in the freezer aisle. These breaded pollock fillets are perfect to keep on standby for healthy dinners (especially if you’re cooking for one). They’re so easy with sweet potato or homemade wedges… View Post

It’s coeliac awareness week and as a result, I’ll be sharing lots of content about coeliac disease and being gluten-free. First up is a new and updated guide of all the latest gluten and dairy free products. As I personally am dairy free (and I know a lot of you are), all of the choices are also dairy free and where possible, I try to make this as healthy as I can where possible- most items avoid any nasties like carrageenan (more in this here) and other preservatives. So here’s all the new gluten free finds I’m loving. 1.Morrison’s Curly Fries   Morrison has launched a whole range of gluten-free products of late and these curly fries are dairy free too. They are the perfect weekend treat and tasted exactly… View Post

Good evening everybody- a few weeks’ ago I published my ‘What I Eat in A Day’ blog post- it was one of my favourite blog posts to write and I always love reading them when other bloggers do them: I’m always on the hunt to mix things up and it can often feel boring to have sweet potato again. (I don’t know what I’d do without them) However, when I was uploading it, I was thinking about it might be good to start introducing more vegetable based meals– rather than just adding them to fish and chicken like I’m currently doing. My relationship with meat is an interesting one: when we lived in China,  I hardly ate any meat and felt great on it but since my return to the UK ,I… View Post