Today I am bringing you a super festive recipe in conjunction with Genius gluten-free. You’ll know I’ve been working with them over the past few months- firstly to present a guide for newly diagnosed coeliacs and then to present my very own take on gluten and dairy free chicken kiev Today, I’m in the Christmas spirit and sharing my favourite thing to eat at this time of year: the ultimate turkey sandwich.    But it’s not just any turkey sandwich- oh no! This amazing feat is fairly low in fat, gluten free, dairy free, contains tummy friendly soluble fibre and-as Genius gluten-free bread is also enriched with multi-vitamins like vitamin B- is a great way to get some goodness into your diet when surrounded by mince pies all month!    … View Post

Last week, I talked about all the different ways Inflammatory Bowel Disease could affect your body; and this week I’ve decided to look at coeliac disease instead. One of the big problems with coeliac disease is missed diagnosis- and that’s because it’s assumed most of the symptoms relate to digestion. When in fact, there are many extra-intestinal symptoms of coeliac disease and it can cause problems with almost every organ in the body. The point of this post isn’t to scaremonger, but to raise awareness that symptoms of coeliac disease go far beyond a dodgy tummy. In fact, up to 60% of coeliac patients, have these extra-intestinal manifestations. Here’s some of them… The head and mind   Headaches is one of the most common of these- it’s thought around 20%… View Post

I was recently chatting on twitter with some fellow bloggers and one topic came up: why do bloggers talk about how amazing everything is all the time? I completely agreed but then looked at my blog and realised that I was a bit like that too. Always raving about the next big thing in the gluten or dairy free world! Well, not today! So rather than the favourites post I’d planned, I thought I’d also include a section on the gluten-free products I HATED this month- and things that definitely won’t be on my repurchase list!   I really wasn’t a fan of… 1. Tesco gluten free mac n cheese. Image Source: Tesco I was so excited about Tesco’s ready meals but I won’t lie, I found this one really… View Post