Gluten Free Stratford-upon-avon: A guide to gluten AND dairy free dining

This gluten free stratford upon avoid guide is perfect for coeliacs or those looking to be gluten and dairy free in stratford upon avon


My gluten and dairy free guides to Birmingham, Cambridge and London are some of the most popular blog posts on my site. So today, I wanted to turn somewhere closer to home: to the beautiful Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Since moving to Warwickshire almost two years ago, I’ve loved having Shakespeare’s birthplace on my doorstep and have discovered an amazing range of places for being gluten-free in Stratford-Upon-Avon. 

Being dairy-free myself, I’ve tried my best to include as many dairy-free Stratford-Upon-Avon options as I possibly can. There’s something for everyone: from Thai to afternoon tea or the British favourite: fish and chips!

So whether you’re local or coming down for the day for a spot of culture and history, here are some of my favourite gluten-free Stratford-Upon Avon hotspots!

Best for Brunch: The Boston Tea Party

This gluten free stratford upon avoid guide is perfect for coeliacs or those looking for gluten free brunch in stratford upon avon or dairy free brunch in stratford upon avon

The location for Boston Tea Party Stratford-Upon-Avon couldn’t be better. It’s just opposite Shakespeare’s birthplace and the main shops. Whenever we go, it’s always busy (and we’re left scrambling for a table) but it’s SO worth it and my favourite place to eat.

The brunch options are amazing: with two pancake choices (these aren’t dairy-free unfortunately as they use ricotta and yoghurt) to gluten-free toast with avocado, salmon and eggs or, if you’re feeling a bit healthier, their fruit brown rice porridge (both of which can be made dairy-free too). They also have great options for vegans-including a veggie fry-up which can be made vegan-and lots of dairy-free smoothie options and hot drinks.


Best for Pizza: Wildwood

There are the usual Pizza chains in Stratford-Upon-Avon, such as Pizza Express and Zizzi’s. I’m big fans of both but if you’re after something a bit different then I’d really recommend Wildwood. Not only do they do gluten-free bases and gluten-free pasta but also vegan cheese! I know these are a chain too but I’d never seen one before I saw this one in Stratford-Upon-Avon.


This gluten free stratford upon avoid guide is perfect for coeliacs or those looking to be gluten and dairy free in stratford upon avon or gluten free pizza in stratford upon avon

Wildwood is located in Sheep Street, a short walk from the theatre and canal area. I love how inventive their flavour options are too-this was the duck pizza and it tasted so good I had to double check it was gluten-free!

HONEST UPDATE: Since writing this post, I got so hungry that I went back to Wildwoods and tried to order the duck pizza again-only to be told the topping doesn’t make it gluten-free (as they use a marinade/hoisin style sauce!) 

I know Chinese sauces often have gluten but I had actually checked twice when I ordered previously so I was understandably a bit annoyed! However, this time they gave me a proper gluten-free menu (which I wasn’t offered last time) and they were very accommodating. Because I am actually trying to eat buffalo mozzarella now (my nutritionist says I should be able to tolerate this as it’s not cow’s milk) they made me a chicken and buffalo mozzarella pizza.



I did toy with removing this section to be honest-but now they are using the gluten-free menu it should be much easier (and the pizza was good!). I’d just advise asking specifically for the gluten-free menu and avoiding the duck!

Best for Fish and Chips: The Big Fish


This gluten free stratford upon avoid guide is perfect for coeliacs or those looking for gluten free fish and chips stratford upon avon


This one is a little out of the centre-located at nearby shopping complex The Maybird. They have an extensive gluten-free menu with gluten-free batter available for an extra £1. It’s cooked in a separate fryer and they even do gluten-free gravy (if you’re weird enough to have it on your chips) and beer! The staff were really knowledgeable and helpful when we visited. Another option in the centre of town is The Kingfisher.

Best for Cake: The Garden Cafe



This little cafe is tucked slightly out of the way in Sheep Street but has been one of my favourite discoveries. It’s a charming, if slightly cramped cafe, with a tiny garden area out the back. As you can see, they serve some lovely gluten-free cakes: and their rocky road is gluten-free AND vegan!

Best for Fine Dining: Lambs

Feeling fancy? Lambs of Sheep Street fits the fine dining bill perfectly-and has a dedicated gluten-free menu.  Dairy-free is easy enough too-except when it comes to dessert.

Best for Sandwiches and Scones: Bensons (NOT DAIRY FREE)



Bensons have an extensive gluten-free menu: including sandwiches, fry-ups and afternoon tea (with gluten-free scones). Bensons has come highly recommended to me when asking locals for tips on where to eat. Unfortunately, I contacted them before visiting and they said they couldn’t accommodate dairy-free. To be honest, I was quite surprised like this-as you’d think for things like a full English, you wouldn’t need any altering other than removing butter from the bread. But they’ve said this is their policy. I’ve kept this one in as so many people do rave about their gluten-free menu.

Best for Thai: The Giggling Squid

We’ve travelled to Thailand quite a few times so I am pretty fussy when it comes to Thai food. However, The Giggling Squid is hands down the best Thai food I’ve ever eaten!



There’s separate gluten-free menu and vegan menus-with detailed allergy info online (if you’re dairy-free, you’ve got pretty much your pick of the menu as dairy isn’t used too heavily in Thai food; with coconut milk being used instead. There are only 2 dishes I could see on the gluten-free menu that were labelled as containing milk) and there’s plenty of Thai favourites- like this heavenly pad thai (pictured). 


We’ve still got lots left to explore when it comes to Stratford-Upon-Avon so I hope to add more gluten and dairy-free picks as and when I come across them!


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