Gluten Free Cambridge: A guide for those on a gluten AND dairy free diet.

Visiting Cambridge? checkout this gluten free Cambridge guide with advice on gluten free restaurants in Cambridge and dairy free restaurants in Cambridge!

As you know, I absolutely love doing gluten free guides. My guides to London and Birmingham have  done really well- so I felt it was only right I took on my version of a gluten free Cambridge when I visited there over the Easter bank holiday. Cambridge was such a beautiful city and there were plenty of options on hand for enjoying gluten free Cambridge, dairy free in Cambridge, as well as options for vegans and those on a Paleo diet. So, let’s get started…


Millworks, Newham Road

      Swordfish steak

The millworks gluten free menu is great. The millworks in gluten free Cambridge guide.

    Meat Sharing Platter

Located in a beautiful scenic spot next to Mill Pond (only a few minutes stroll from the bustle of the historic centre) Millworks offers completely separate menus for both gluten free and dairy free diners.  Almost all of the meals can be adapted to be gluten and dairy free- meaning you don’t feel an added on afterthought (chicken salad anyone?). There is plenty to pick from- whether you prefer seafood, chicken, or a huge rack of ribs! Their sharing platters are also gluten and dairy free (with a few tweaks) and are great value for sharing with a friend- we tucked into a platter of garlic roast chicken, ribs, mango chicken thighs, fries and sweetcorn. If you have a sweet tooth, there’s even a few inventive gluten and dairy free choices on the menu- such as barbequed pineapple! 

The Rubert Brooke, Granchester

The Rupert Brooke gluten free menu is great. The Rupert Brooke in gluten free Cambridge guide.

     Butternut Squash Risotto

Tucked away in the pretty village of Grantchester (yes, of TV fame!) the Rubert Brooke prides itself on offering menus for everyone- whether you’re free from, veggie or vegan. The restaurant, which is around a 15-minute drive from the centre of Cambridge, is also happy to adapt any dishes to meet allergies or intolerances and the waitress did this for my main course. If you are gluten free, this is clearly marked on the menu and our waitress was happy to advise what could be easily adapted to dairy free too. I tried the butternut squash risotto- which was so creamy I could hardly believe it was dairy free! I opted for goats cheese as I can eat this but it could easily be made without cheese and vegan.


The Cambridge Belfry (Q Hotel), Cambourne)

The Cambridge Belfry gluten free menu is great. The Cambridge Belfry in gluten free Cambridge guide.

      Lamb Shank

We were based at the Cambridge Belfy for the majority of our trip to Cambridge; as members of their Breakaway club- we had dinner included on two of the 3 nights. For breakfast, there was plenty of choices- gluten free cereal with soy milk, gluten free bread and sausages and even gluten free pancakes. I emailed the chef in advance and they were very accommodating- I tucked into duck pate, lamb shank, lime trout, sweet potato soup and fruit meringue over the two days.


The Cambridge Belfry have a great gluten and dairy free menu.

 Meringue with strawberries, raspberries and sorbet


Pret A Manager

I don’t usually include high street chains in my free from guides but I was really impressed with the new Pret menu so thought I’d include them. Pret now do bone broth, dairy free coconut coffee, dairy free and gluten free chicken soup and more.

Nanna Mexico

Gluten Free Corn Tacos (Image is taken from Nanna Mexico)

There’s several of these in Cambridge and they all offer gluten free soft corn tacos. Nanna Mexico Petty curry, which is bang smack in the centre of the city (next to the shopping centre) was heaving when we arrived- but they were able to provide a separate gluten-free taco; with a variety of fillings, such as pulled pork, marinated chicken and lamb. There’s plenty of choices for add-ons so you can easily adapt if you can’t eat dairy. This is a great choice if you are in hurry and want a quick free from pit-stop.


Two More Places to Try

I didn’t check these places out myself but I asked for some recommendations on twitter and these popped up….

Rainbow Cafe: Veggie, Vegan and Gluten Free

The Urban Shed: A sandwich bar.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my guide to a gluten free Cambridge- we absolutely loved our visit and was amazed by all lovely gluten free grub on offer! Please feel free to comment on more recommendations below and I’ll add them to the list. Any suggestions on where you’d like the next guide to be?




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