Gluten Free Date Nights in London

So as last week I wrote about my gluten-free eating out disasters, I thought it was only fair to champion some of my favourite hotspots this week instead! I’ve blogged about gluten-free London a few times (here’s one of my guides) but a few weeks ago, I visited for a few days with my husband-so decided to write about it again and compile a little ‘date nights’ gluten-free guide to the capital. So if you’re off to London anytime soon, here are some of my favourite spots to try.

A Gluten Free & Dairy Guide To London


For gluten-free burgers and brownies, try Leadbelly’s Bar and Kitchen.

This very trendy hotspot is located just seconds away from the Canada Water tube station. I loved the decor of the restaurant and it’s got plug sockets at every single table so it’s pretty much a freelancer’s dream to work from. However, you don’t care about that: you care about the food! Pretty much everything on the menu can be made gluten-free so there’s no feeling left out with one or two choices to pick from.

Let’s start with the brownie (I mean,why the hell not!); honestly, if you are looking to impress somebody-just head straight to the dessert menu at Leadbelly’s. This brownie was hands down the best gluten-free dessert I’ve tasted. 

Gluten Free Brownie

Ever! Not only is it a chocolate brownie but it’s A PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE BROWNIE! And it was amazing! But if you’re impressed by a brownie, then let this burger sink in…

Gluten Free Burger A Balanced Belly

There were so many gluten-free options on the menu that I didn’t know what to go for -but when I saw a chicken burger that was southern fried chicken style, I had to opt for it.

I can’t tell you how long I’ve wished for a gluten-free southern fried chicken burger-and I found it! I checked with the waitress twice it was gluten-free (just because it looked too good to be true!) The only downside was the bun because I hate seeded buns (seeds with Crohn’s disease is not a great combination); however, the southern fried chicken fillet by itself really was one of the best things I’ve had since going gluten-free.

The waiters and waitresses at Leadbelly’s are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about different allergies, intolerances and coeliac disease. The manager explained that they’re constantly trying to reinvent as many dishes to make them ‘free-from’ and it was obvious how committed they were to getting everything spot on. I’ll definitely be going back!

For cocktails and sharing platters, try: MOMMI

MOMMI is the perfect evening venue if you want to get dressed up, drink cocktails and try something completely different It’s in Clapham (which was a bit of a revelation for me as I’ve never been before!) and just a minute or two walk from the tube. To me, MOMMI is a bit more of an evening venue-so we indulged in a few cocktails and ordered plenty of dishes to share.

Everything at MOMMI is gluten-free (yep, everything, and it’s approved by Coeliac UK too) and because it’s all small plates, it encourages to try thing you usually wouldn’t. It’s very different to your usual gluten-free cuisine- there’s a mix of sushi, fish dishes, meat dishes and veggies.

You can opt for one of four ‘set menus’ or just pick a bunch of different small dishes to try. We opted for the latter: it’s rare where just everything on the menu sounds good (although I’m gluten-free, I also try to opt for naturally ‘free-from’ where possible; so the fact that everything was so fresh really appealed). Here’s a few of the dishes we tried…


Gluten Free Date Guide London Fries A Balanced Belly

Crispy Sweet Potato Fries, Aji Amarillo & Yuzu Mayo, Truffle Salt

I know sweet potato fries are pretty common on a gluten-free menu; but these weren’t ordinary sweet- potato fries! Oh no- they were incredibly and the mayo really added another dimension. I took the rest of these home and ate them back at the hotel, as I couldn’t bare to be parted from them!


A Balanced Belly Gluten Free Date Guide London Meat Dish

Aji Panca & Miso Marinated Flat Iron Steak, Andean Herb Chimichurri, Thick Cut Cassava Fries, Sea Salt 

 Marinated in gluten-free miso, this steak was absolutely spot on and I could have easily eaten another plate (or three). I slightly preferred the sweet potato chips to the cassava fries (they had a bit more of a crunch) but it was great to try something completely different (cassava is a South African shrub!)


A Balanced Belly Gluten Free Guide To London Sesame Seed Dish

Chicken Teriyaki, Quinoa Lime Picante, Lemon Zest & Spring Onion 

I used to be a massive fan of Chicken Teriyaki but I’ve never managed to find a gluten-free version on the menu.  This was my favourite dish of the night- the sweetness of the terriyaki perfectly complented the lemon and lime quinoa.

For an overnight stay, try One Aldwych London

Finally, I just wanted to briefly mention the One Aldwych, London  I came across this hotel on the amazing Sarah’s blog (The Gluten Free Blogger). My budget hasn’t quite stretched to a visit yet, so I thought I’d share a snippet of her review of those interested in a night of romance. The hotel is located in the heart of Covent Garden and its restaurant is Coeliac UK accreditated.  



Breakfast, One Aldwych Indigo Restaurant (Photo Credit: The Gluten-Free Blogger)

You can read Sarah’s review of it here.

I’m hoping to visit London a few times over the next few weeks; so lookout for some more gluten-free guides. If you’re interested, you can also find my other city guides below.

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