How to get FREE Gluten+Dairy free food (and supplements) (Week 3)

Hi all, and welcome back to week 3 of How to get free and discounted gluten and dairy-free food. You’ll see I’ve changed the title slightly this week as it includes other types of products including supplements, juice shots and protein powder.

Either way, there’s still loads of bargains! A quick head’s up, week’s round-up is sponsored by Groupon, who asked me to share my top tips for finding bargains and discounts- whilst being gluten and dairy free.



Remember to have a read of  Week 1’s blog post(for  free gluten-free starter boxes, genius bread and Schar vouchers) and Week 2’s blog post ( for free cooking sauces, Hippeas, tuna fillers) (many offers are still valid) and keep up to date with my bargains my following my Facebook page, Instagram and my new gluten-free money saving weekly newsletter (where I’ll send this post to your inbox each week so you don’t miss it!)


50% Discount Offers on CheckSmart

CheckoutSmart can be downloaded from the app store. There are no freebies this week but there are still some great discounts.

  1. 50% off MOJU shots (GF, DF)

I love these little juice shots (I’ve actually blogged about them before in my guide to juicing this winter) so they’re perfect if you don’t have time to make your own juice.

2. 50% 0ff MOMA Almond Butter&Salted Caramel Porridge Sachets (GF, DF)

I love MOMA’s gluten-free porridge, but it can be pricey. This gives you 50% off the almond butter flavour (which sounds incredible) but £1.40 off the other flavours and 50p off the small pots.

3.50% off Rebel Mylk (GF, DF)

Half price chocolate and coffee flavours of Rebel Mylk-from Sainsbury’s only.

Other FREE Products

4. Free Tined Mackerel (GF,DF)

Claim your free pack coupon

Image: Princes Mackerel

I love tinned mackerel-I have this once or twice a week with gluten-free wraps or pasta- so I was excited to find this discount voucher! Just fill out and take to the supermarket!

5. Free Iron Supplement (GF, Lactose FREE, CONTAINS WHEY)

I am always on the hunt for vouchers and came across one for a ten day supply of active iron. I know lots of my readers (who have Crohn’s or coeliac disease) struggle with iron and find the prescribed supplements to hard to digest- I personally have iron transfusions when needed but this one might be of use to many of you- since it claims to be gentle enough to take on an empty stomach. 


6. FREE Gluten-Free cake and coffee (GF, DF)


Image result for honeybuns gluten free john lewis

(Image Source: Honeybuns)

I signed up for this ages ago but never found many gluten-free options in the past- but my most recent visit revealed lots of gluten-free and dairy-free options. Sign up for  My John Lewis card and every few months they’ll send you a voucher for cake and a coffee on them. Many branches have their own gluten-free cakes but you can redeem it against HoneyBuns pre-packaged gluten-free ones too; which I enjoyed not long ago with a cup of peppermint tea!

7. Free Vitamin Box

Another supplement offer is Healthspan’s trial box.  When you sign up to their free app (which I’ve had a play with and is actually quite good!); you can pop your address in and they’ll send some free samples. I believe samples depend on your goals, but from examples I’ve seen- they’ve included multi-vit powder, vegan protein and electrolyte drinks. Not bad for a freebie?

Discount Offers

8.50% off your FIRST and THIRD SIMPLY COOK BOX  (GF)

Image result for simply cook gluten-free

This week I tried Simply Cook  for the first time and I have an exclusive offer to share. Enter AFMB501318 to get 50% off your first AND third Simply Cook gluten-free box. For those of who are looking for cooking ideas, each month you get recipe cards and all the herbs, spices and stock you need to make the recipe. It’s a really inexpensive way of trying new recipes; since you buy the raw ingredients (e.g. chicken, fish or veg) yourself- so you can tailor it to your exact preferences. I think it’s also dairy-free but I’m not 100%


Finally, Weetabix has a really good deal on at the moment. Yes, I know it’s not gluten-free at all; but bear with me! Buy a box of Weetabix (and either donate it to a food bank or give it to that lucky person in your life that can eat endless amounts) and get £5 off free fruit vouchers to be redeemed at any supermarket.

Inside each box is a code to redeem; which then gives you 10 different vouchers for everything from apples to raspberries and clementines. More info on that here Considering a box is usually around £2, this still a great deal even if you end up donating the box- but if you have a family member who can eat it; it’s even more of a bargain. 

10. WIN a month’s supply of Old El Paso’s gluten-free fajita kits (GF, DF)

Not quite a freebie- but just reminder to enter my latest giveaway if you haven’t already. You can win a one month supply of Old El Paso’s gluten-free fajita kits! Enter here


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Disclaimer: This post was kindly sponsored by Groupon, who asked me to share my best gluten-free bargains. It also contains affiliate links which means I get a small amount of money for each person I refer (without it having any impact on your shopping experience.


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