I’ve always been a bit of a herbal tea lover- being dairy free means our hot drink choices can be limited otherwise!-but recently I’ve been enjoying experimenting with new flavors and blends! Peppermint is always my fail-safe but I thought I’d dedicate this blog post to sharing a few more tea blends I’ve been loving this month.   1.TEA REX  Wakey Wakey TEA REX (Get it?!) are a brand new tea company that I’m really excited about and are not like anything I’ve seen before! You receive a box of cold-pressed pouches- which contain your tea ingredients (the one I’m loving is a combination of fresh turmeric, lemongrass, and ginger) which you then keep refrigerated. You use a supplied filter to brew (it’s actually really straightforward)it-and it tastes exactly… View Post

So, a couple of you have asked me to have a chat with you about anxiety. Not long ago, I did a very in-depth blog post on stress; and how it impacts almost every part of our body. It was an eye opener for lots of you-myself included- and I’ve had a few of you chat to me about anxiety and stress since. Lots of you said it was all very well understanding that stress messes up our body, but how do we actually deal with it?   I’ve had anxiety for a long time and it escalated massively when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. I never really blog about it because I feel it can sometimes be a bit of a blogger cliche. However, I do feel I… View Post

About 6 months ago, I decided to make a real effort to go more natural- thinking beyond the food I ate but the things I put onto my skin and the products I used to clean my home. I’d love to say this was based purely on ethics but instead, it was because I started to notice issues with my skin and I began exploring natural skin care.    If you follow me on Instagram , you’ll see I have mentioned lots of natural products on my feed recently!  Now before we go any further, I do appreciate that ‘natural’ doesn’t actually mean much when it comes to advertising and I’d like to do another blog post at some point talking about the difference between ‘natural,’ ‘organic’ ‘and ‘soil association… View Post