10 Natural Ways to Get Rid of A Cold Fast

My top ten natural cold remedies- perfect for fighting a cold and supporting your gut too"

Anyone else dealing with that horrible lurgy that’s going around? Sneezing, sore throat and a cough that seems to go on forever?Without jinxing it, I am on day 3 and it seems to have pretty much vanished by the tops I’ve followe below.

Cold remedies are all very well but the ingredients can often interfere with the gut: since they often use sweeteners (which can have a laxative effect) and caffeine (which increases gut transit time and can also act as a diuretic meaning you’ll need to up your fluid intake). It’s not ideal-given that having a cold or flu makes us more prone to an upset tum in the first place. So, instead, here’s some easy to find, natural cold remedies…


This ingredient is one of the most common natural cold remedies and studies suggest it can reduce the duration of a cold (this is only estimated at half a day but, hey, it’s better than nothing!) You can buy Echinacea tea- I like Heather&Heather’s version- or as a supplement. It’s a completely natural ingredient so worth giving a go.


I’ve been adding ginger to absolutely everything the last few days. Hot ginger tea can help soothe a sore throat- add some lemon or turmeric (for even more anti-inflammatory properties.) I also add ginger to soups.

I’ve added ginger to my morning juice and a slow cooker dish yesterday-but I’ll also be making my cold-fighting carrot and ginger soup recipe again!

3. Mankuna Honey

You might also want to add some Mankuna honey to your ginger tea (although only do this when it’s cooled or the heat will cancel out the healing properties)

Make sure you use at least UMF 10 (This is a property that helps with antiviral properties so you want the highest strength you can find) Regular honey is less likely to be beneficial on an antiviral/anitibiotic level but can still help soothe a sore throat.

4. Bone Broth

Is there anything bone broth isn’t good for? (Read more about it in my post here) Chicken soup is famed for its natural cold healing properties but go for bone broth than the tinned stuff. Either drink from the cup or use as a base for a soup recipe: such as my gut rest and repair soup.

5. Fresh Juice

I’ve massively upped my juicing efforts this week. Juicing will give your gut a rest-since many colds cause people to have an upset stomach as well with all the body’s resources being redirected to fight off the cold-and allow you to get lots of vitamin C quickly into your system. Carrot, Peppers, Broccoli, Apple and Kiwi are all rich in vitamin C.

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Ok, I know it’s not technically a food but water is really important for a cold. Keeping the body hydrated means you can replace the fluids you lose from fighting the infection; it also helps keep mucus moving (lovely image) and prevents dehydration. I’ve massively been using my water intake this week (which hasn’t helped with a pregnancy bladder!). Remember herbal tea counts too!

7. Garlic

Garlic is famed for its anti-microbial properties- although you’ll probably need it in big quantities to make a huge difference so consider taking a supplement.

8. Protein

Your body needs protein to help repair cells so load up on turkey and chicken (which tend to be easier to digest than red meat). Not sure where to start? Why not try my 5 high protein gluten-free breakfast ideas.

9. Almond Milk

Almond Milk doesn’t have any cold-fighting ingredients; but switching to this from the white stuff can be helpful. Dairy is often described as mucus-producing so laying off it during a cold can help.  What’s more, when we are run down, our body can sometimes struggle to produce enough lactase-making us more sensitive to lactose. Obviously I’m always dairy-free but if you are not, it could be worth trying temporarily.

10. Probiotics

Probiotics can’t stop a cold but it can help you be less likely to catch another one and potentially reduce the length of your cold. Other than skipping it for a few days where my pregnancy heartburn has been awful I’ve been consistently taking symprove– and hopefully it’s helped stop the cold in its tracks slightly!

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I hope these tips have been useful and cross your fingers for me that this cold is on the way out! For more tips on battling a cold (with different supplements such as Zinc), give this blog post a read.

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