Happy Days in Henley in Arden

I am so excited to bring you this post today! I appreciate it’s a bit different from my regular content but I wanted to share with you today one of my favourite places in the world: Henley in Arden. About 3 months ago we moved to this picturesque village. Why am I telling you this? Well because it’s the first time I have ever moved to a place that just felt like home. I have lived all over- from Birmingham to China and have always felt as if it was a stop gap or a temporary- after 3 months here it feels like I never lived anywhere else- and I can’t tell you what an impact finding my place has had on my health and wellbeing. I know we can’t all just uproot to live in our dream place but never underestimate the power of finding a place you love- whether it’s a coffee shop to blog from or a green space to get some fresh air.



Blogging about my home was, therefore, an idea of mine that I hadn’t quite managed to get around to doing. When the folks at Jacamo got in touch and asked me to do a summer’s day type post with my husband to tie in with their summer range; I was hesitant at first. I know most of the time I blog about health but I’ve also feel like I really want to do more personal posts and get to know everybody a bit more (I’m started to do this in the form of rambles and recipes on my Instagram stories- come join me here!) but husband is pretty much the antithesis of a blogger and social media person- he doesn’t even have facebook and is regularly found to be questioning ‘what is the point of this? why are you watching somebody eating their breakfast’ when I’m lounging on the sofa watching a vlog or two. In fact, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know what a vlog is.

So yes, blogs about married life are not a usual feature on my blog and spoiler alert… it is safe to say this has not resulted in him giving up his job so we can work together ala many fashion bloggers out there (I think I’d go mad). At times, he may have threatened to throw the camera out of my hands so let’s call this a temporary experiment. But, I absolutely love the photos we got of our life and this gorgeous place! I also thought I would use this post to give a shoutout to all  fantastic foodie options there are in Henley in Arden– we have so many gluten and dairy free places that have been so so accomodating to me since I’ve moved.

So let’s take a walk up the high street.


The streets of Henley are so so beautiful This blue building is the ultimate instagrammable spot.


Many of the restaurants are housed in beautiful Shakespearean architecture.



Matt stopped and post with Bella, who was pretty tired after getting stopped for fuss multiple times on our walk.

Bella enjoying one of the many beer gardens.

Husband and I posing surrounded by greenery.

5 Free From Restaurants to Try

Butchers Social This has been our favorite haunt since arriving in Henley in Arden (it used to be located in Harbourne). They do the most amazing gluten free chicken wings (in all kind of quirky flavors: salted caramel chicken wings is my fave)

Henley Ice Cream A classic and a bit of an institution. But did you know they also do dairy free ice cream and gluten free cones? So nobody misses out on an ice cream! Hooray!

Curry Republic- There are several curry chains on the high street but the Curry Republic has been really accommodating to my needs- they’ve provided gluten free and dairy free adaptations and the poppadums are gluten free too -yay!

Sans Oriental– The food here is really light and fresh. They can adapt most meals to gluten free- including special batter for sweet and sour chicken!

Stoneaged- heaven for Paleo lovers! This restaurant centers around fresh meat and seafood which you cook at your table! Almost everything is gluten free and can be cooked without butter.

So that’s my guide to Henley- I hope you enjoyed something a bit different !

Disclaimer: This post has been made possible by the folks at Jacamo. They provided the inspiration for the blog post and provided my reluctant model husband with some goodies from the Jacamo summer range. 


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