My Gluten-Free Trip to London with Keetoo

When I get the chance, visiting London is one of my favourite places to visit. The food is AMAZING (you can read My Gluten Free Date Nights blog post for some more inspiration) for being gluten and dairy-free and of course, there are lots of touristy things to do there too! 

Last month, Keetoo invited me along to a day in London to test out their new London travel app (avaliable only on Iphone at the mo but android is coming soon) and take some pictures of my day!

Breakfast: Pret


Although we actually have a Pret in Birmingham and Stratford-Upon-Avon, I still love visiting London branches because they have so many things we don’t have in the local branches! Like the turmeric latte (which comes with coconut milk and doesn’t actually have any caffeine in despite being called a latte) and the berry and almond butter pot which is so indulgent-it’s made with gluten-free granola and it’s also dairy-free too. It was the perfect start to our day in London!

Morning: Tower of London

  As I mentioned previously, Keetoo had asked us to test out their new app so they gave us 2 free ‘Day Trippers’. The way the pass works is you buy a pass on your iPhone (the usual cost is £35) and that gives you access to two London attractions of your choice (you simply show your code when you get there).

Not only does it make things really flexible (since you can buy or gift someone the pass and they can make their mind up about where they want to go on the day itself or change plans at the last second) but it’s also a great money-saver. The tickets JUST to our first attraction, the Tower of London, were priced at £26.80 alone! 

So our first stop was The Tower of London, and I was surprised about how patriotic it left me feeling! It really is an amazing place and so steeped in history. However, if you’re reading this Tower of London people (no idea why they would, perhaps they google themselves) you NEED to get more toilets! There was hardly any and my stomach was unhappy which didn’t help matters!

But overall, I’m really glad I visited-and I don’t think I would have thought about it if it wasn’t for Keetoo! 

Afternoon: Jack the Ripper Museum

So after a short walk, we arrived at our second destination: Jack the Ripper museum. Again, it’s not somewhere I would ever thought have going to-but it was actually really fascinating. Unfortunately, we missed the walking tour (which starts at 3pm each day) but the small museum is fascinating. And I spent the rest of the train ride home googling Jack the Ripper theories! 

Dinner Time!

So let’s get back to my favourite topic-food! Actually, Keetoo now offers special dining discounts when you buy the daytripper pass (Such as a free starter or dessert at certain restaurants) but since it’s constantly developing, that feature wasn’t available when we visited.  However, it was no problem as I only had one place on my itinerary: Honest Burger!

I visited Honest Burger when I went to the Allergy Show and I know so many of you have been raving about it for ages! But as soon as I tried it-I knew I needed to go back! And once again, it did not disappoint!


Yep, that’s me posing with an extraordinarily large onion ring. 

Honestly, if you’ve not been to Honest Burger yet-do it now! They have a comprehensive list of gluten-free and dairy-free options and their gluten-free bun is easily the best one on the market!

Even though I wasn’t hungry in the slightest, I knew I had to make another pitstop to Yorica!


If you’re new to free-from Yorica is an ice-cream company completely free of the 14 allergens. So yep, no gluten, no dairy, no egg, no soya, no nuts… I could go on but I can’t actually remember all fourteen at the top of my head! So before our train journey home, we made one pitstop for me to try it. They sell waffles, crepes, ice-cream, sundaes-everything you can think of! I started simple but I think it’s definitely time to try a waffle next time.

Our Day with Keetoo

I’m in London for work quite a lot that it was so nice to have such a touristy day. We really enjoyed using the app-and since my plans can sometimes get changed due to poor health, the day passes tripper is a really handy alternative to buying advanced tickets to a specific venue. Hopefully, as the app develops, there will be a wider variety of restaurants available to use the discount-as it would have been perfect if the offers could be redeemed at some of my favourite gluten-free restaurants. For those interested, you can learn more here or download the app from the ITunes store here.

This is a collaborative post with Keetoo.



  1. Nyree O.
    September 28, 2018 / 4:05 pm

    Wow! That’s awesome! We need those places here in the States! It’s so hard to find gluten and dairy free here . Looks like a wonderful trip!! I need to visit the UK. Especially London, it’s been on my bucket list since I was 12! Lol

  2. October 4, 2018 / 4:34 pm

    Sounds like a very clever app and great value if you are doing 2 touristy things, ill check it out next time im on the tourist treck. I love the tower of london too.

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