How I save money on my food shopping

One of the biggest expenses for all of us is the household bills. It takes a significant chunk of your monthly income, especially if you have a large family. One of the biggest bills to pay is definitely food shopping.

In fact, the average UK family spends £53.20 a week on their food shop ( according to the Money Advice Service) However, I’ll be honest and say that being gluten and dairy-free myself (and a massive foodie), I sometimes end up spending much much more. 

If you are finding that your food shopping is breaking the bank, there are some ways to cut costs! In fact, here is some handy advice on how to save money on your weekly shop.

Time to grow your own

It’s so easy to buy all your local fruit and vegetables from the supermarket. But it can soon add up when it comes to cost. Therefore, you can soon save money on your grocery bills if you do spend time growing your own in your garden. Our proudest achievement at the moment is a cherry tomato plant we grew from a SEED! It also means you can go organic.

You don’t have to have a greenhouse to start growing your own fruit and vegetables. There are mini polytunnels you can buy from companies like First Tunnels which is a great area to grow your own items.

It keeps it protected from all weathers and allows you to go organic without having to install a huge greenhouse in your garden

My dream is always to look into getting rescue hens-and then you can reduce your bill by cutting eggs off your food shopping. However, with the size of my garden, that’s definitely not a goer.

Go unbranded and away from the free from aisle…

Lots of go for big brands but it can be a waste of money. Lots of the time gluten-free staples can be found away from the free-from aisle including…

  • Ketchup and other sauces
  • Rice and lentils
  • Corn tacos and tortilla chips
  • Don’t assume that products automatically contain gluten! 7 foods you didn’t know were gluten-free is a great post to read by Sarah, The Gluten Free Blogger. There’s more choice than you think!


Meal Plan and Batch Cook

It’s never a good idea to impulse buy when it comes to food shopping. You will end up with a load of items you don’t need that you might end up throwing away if it runs out of time. Food waste is particularly difficult when you’re just one person with allergies or intolerances-so that’s where batch cooking is really helpful. Here are a few of my favourite batch cooking recipes that I make and then stretch over a few meals…

Turkey and Sweet Potato Slow Cooker

Turmeric Thai Curry

Gut Rest and Repair Soup

I am still struggling to stick to a meal plan but I recently I bought the book ‘Eat Shop Save’ which has a meal planning template to use.

Always USE cashback apps

And finally, always use cashback apps when doing your weekly shop. My absolute favourite is Shopmium. It’s really easy to use and you just log-in to see that week’s available offers. You buy the item, upload the receipt and then within forty-eight hours, receive payment to your paypal.

Those are my top tips-what part of the food shop do you spend most your money on?

This is a sponsored post with First Tunnels…

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  1. October 2, 2018 / 11:36 am

    Hi Jenna,
    We spend most of our money on fresh produce mostly veggies and fruits. So, my husband and my father started a small vertical garden for the veggies, herbs, and fruits. We now have cabbage, tomatoes, basil, rosemary, onion, strawberry, mint and lemon. It’s nice to grow your own garden.
    Thanks for sharing these great tips.

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