5 gluten-free and dairy-free soups to make this winter.

Winter is finally here and I am back to living on soups! Hoorah! Soup is one of my favourite things to batch cook-since a pot can last several days and it’s a great way to get vegetables when they’re blended (and easier to digest). So today, I thought I’d share my favourite soup recipes to make this winter. And you’re in luck, they’re all gluten and dairy free too! Enjoy…

1. Gut Rest and Repair Soup


This is one of my most popular soup recipes ever on the blog. It came about after struggling to find something to have when I knew my gut needed a rest. It’s full of tummy-friendly ingredients (bone broth, turmeric, ginger) and contains chicken, sweet potato, carrot and almond milk. It’s creamy, nourishing and delicious! It can also be made low residue and low FODMAP.

Make it here.

2. Immune-Boosting Beetroot Soup


Beetroot is incredibly good for you especially if you suffer from low iron. I used to make this when I was worried about my immune system when I was first on my IBD medication-it mixes beetroot with celery, garlic, bouillon, sweet potato, garlic and coconut cream! Yum.

Make it here.

3. Carrot and Ginger Cold-Fighting Soup

My most recent guest recipe on the blog is the roasted, apple, carrot and ginger soup-by nutritionist Geeta Sidhu-Rob. It’s the perfect mix for those looking to ward off colds and dose up on vitamin C.


Make it here.


4. Gluten-Free Cream of Chicken Soup


I can’t take credit for this one! It’s a creation of the lovely Becky from Gluten Free Cuppa Tea. My favourite thing ever used to be tinned cream of chicken soup so I CANNOT wait to give this one a go!

Make it here


5. Tummy Friendly ‘Creamy’ Pumpkin Soup


My latest recipe is a deliciously creamy pumpkin soup-that’s not only gluten and dairy free, but great for digestion and low FODMAP suitable. Make a big bowl of this and think of all things autumn.

Make it here.

I hope you enjoyed these five soup recipes, if you’re looking for more winter recipes why not try my Sweet Potato and Turkey Slow Cooker or sweet potato and turkey slow cooker stew

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