‘Purple’ Friday Favourites

As I’m sure lots of you know, today is Purple Friday: a time to raise awareness of IBD. I have been really enjoying blogging about IBD this week and have had an amazing response! In case you missed it I wrote a guide for the newly diagnosed, a rant on the psychological impact of IBD and then my letter to Crohn’s disease.

Thanks so much for all the lovely tweets and messages you have all sent me!

Understandably I’m a bit tired today but I wanted to write a quick Friday favourite post as its a good way of sharing what I’m loving. Today is chronic illness themed: my favourite products to help those bad days seem a little bit more cheery.

imageFirst up is Pure Potions.  I know lots of you suffer with skin problems, it’s definitely a common extra intestinal manifestation of IBD. Lots of people with IBD also have a second autoimmune disease such as Psorasis. I was introduced to this amazing brand last week and the testimonials speak for themselves so I really would urge anyone to check it out if you suffer from any sort of skin problem. The ingredients are completely natural and contain natural anti-inflammatories like Hemp Oil.


Next at up is Juicing. As you know I am all about the juice (read my posts about it here) ; if you are recovering from an op or a flare it is literally the best way to help support healing. I do not have the energy to make my own this week so I’ve been using local company Frais who deliver juice cleanses to your door. At the moment they’re offering a special intro deal of £29.99 for a 3 day package which is a real bargain! For that you get 4 juices and a soup. It’s designed as a detox but I’m just sipping as much juice as I can alongside regular meals. If you are new to juicing this takes all the hassle out of it and it’s probably cheaper if you’ve not yet invested in a juicer.

I was so lucky to be in hospital for only a short while but I know many of my readers experience longer stays. I absolutely love the idea of sending a hospital healing box, especially at this time of year. This company offer a range of different boxes containinh things like proper soft socks and lip balm. Basically the things you need in hospital but always forget to bring!

Finally, I met a representative from Viridan last week at a Blogger’s Event (they was such a good weekend and then Monday came around and bam! I was ill). They’re an organic natural supplement company and I was really impressed with their Organic Fish Oil, if you are looking to add a supplement to your routine, this is it! It is jammed full of special Omega 3 oils which are super anti-inflammatory , great for eczema, IBD or any inflammatory condition.


Happy Friday! I’ll be taking a break over the weekend but I’ll be back Monday and Tuesday for two more IBD themed posts.



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