After blogging about whether going vegan can help IBD, a few of you told me how much juicing has been helping your digestion ! I realised I’d been neglecting to juice as much as I used to- so decided to get back into to it and blog about my efforts. I recently came down with my first winter cold and felt juicing really helped me get over it quickly! So today I have teamed up with Vision Direct to offer my tips for juicing to boost your health this winter. You might also want to read some of my previous juicing posts: such as the best vegetables for juicing or my juicing for digestive health ebook.   1.  Focus on vitamin C rich fruit and veg.  Vitamin C is vital for… View Post

This week I’ve got another recipe and it’s a gorgeous, prebiotic rich fish goujon! I am a big goujon fan and often make my chicken goujons but I stumbled across another recipe last week that uses a walnut crumb instead and decided to share it on my blog too!  Image from California Walnuts I always talk about the power of nuts but I’ve hardly ever tried walnuts (for some reason they’re less commonly available). This one uses plaice (but you could just as easily use cod) and a gluten-free breadcrumb coating.    Nutrition Notes Walnuts are a great source of fibre and are also a prebiotic- this means that it’s thought they help the good bacteria in our guts grow by ‘feeding it’ You can make your own gluten free breadcrumbs… View Post

    Today I am blogging about the psychological impact of IBD Why did I pick this topic? Well quite frankly my timeline is full of posts about the fatigue, the pain, the ulcers and all the horrendous physical aliments we have to suffer with. Yet there is very little about the rest of it:  With UC and crohn’s disease anxiety, worry, guilt, loneliness and  despair– all of the emotions that IBD causes us on a regular basis.  It seemed even more relevant to post this since I’m in flare-territory an am currently feeling all of the above. For me, the psychological impact is just as important as the physical one. First up let’s talk anxiety.A recent study found that people with crohn’s were twice as likely to suffer with anxiety.At first… View Post