Despite there being so many recipe books on the market, the question I still get asked about the most is meal inspiration. If you are struggling to figure out what you can eat (as many people who read my blog and get in touch are), I strongly believe that keeping recipes super simple in combination with a food diary (grab your free food diary download here) can be really beneficial. Many recipes out there over-complicate things, but keeping recipes to only a handful of ingredients can help you easily figure out what’s causing your gut issues. These recipes avoid lots of gluten free alternatives and focus on natural foods. Here’s some more tips on what to base meals around: Making sure each recipe includes protein. This is essential for gut… View Post

Today I am chatting about the benefits of probiotics. Having been in discussions with the team at Water for Health- a fountain of knowledge on the topic- I asked them to come on board and create this guest post, explaining how gut bacteria works and giving an overview of current research, as well as tips on using probiotics. Not a day goes by, it seems, without one hearing about probiotics. Doctors, nutritionists, and gut experts are among those loudly chorusing the far-reaching benefits of good bacteria, provoking a sharp rise in the sale of ‘live culture’ supplements in both Europe and the US. Suffice to say, more attention than ever before is being paid to the complex workings of the microbiota. It is not easy to say what ignited this explosion of… View Post

    A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post on the low FODMAP diet– a diet that’s had considerable press of late but is still as poorly understood as ever. I felt that low FODMAP ( a diet that reduces certain carbohydrates) has become faddy; with everyone trying the extremely restrictive diet- without guidance or support.  It’s been proven that it can quickly alter our gut bacteria due to the limitation of foods- which got me thinking. If low FODMAP was so restrictive then what about low residue? For those of you don’t know, low residue is a popular diet prescribed to patients with inflammatory bowel disease who are flaring or have strictures and is also sometimes used for IBS-D. However, while it (like low FODMAP) is undoubtedly… View Post