Most of the time, the conditions I talk about on here are to do with the gut- but since finishing my Nutritional Therapy qualification (I’m now offering lots of 1-2-1 nutrition services online so do go have a peek) I’d like to start writing articles about the range of diseases and conditions that I’ve been studying on my nutrition journey. Today is psoriasis– something that runs in my family and something that I know is increasingly common with those who have gut disorders (Don’t believe me? Well check out my blog on how your gut is linked to your skin.) I will share my advice on psoriasis diets and recommend supplements which may help you deal with flare ups. What Is Psoriasis? Psorasis is an autoimmune disease in which… View Post

Disclaimer: “This is a sponsored post for Self Care Catalysts. I have been compensated through the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network. All opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.”   Happy Sunday everybody! As you know, I am hugely passionate about self-advocacy when it comes to living with IBD or any gut issues- I struggle a lot with feeling I am not control of my condition and a lot of my book is my attempt to take that back a little (just a reminder you can read Chapter 1 of it for free by heading over to my last blog post): with things like food diaries and places to jot down your questions. I am usually a big fan of paper and pen for things… View Post

Hi everyone! Happy Friday. As a very special Friday gift for you, I’m happy to say that you can now read the first chapter of my book completely free of charge- yay! For those interested, you can purchase my book in several places and I’ve popped all the relevant links below. Amazon UK (paperback and ebook available now) Hammersmith Health Paperbook and Ebook- both available now! An additional 50p will be donated to For Crohn’s by the publisher if you purchase her (10% of my royalties go to ForCrohn’s regardless of where you buy it from- this is just a bonus) US (Currently out of stock in paperbook but 3rd party sellers are offering it. Kindle available now) Waterstones Any support you can offer about getting the word out there would… View Post