Right, you lovely lot- today I am about to confess something. I am sitting here writting this on a Sunday night, curled up with a cosy blanket and a cup of chamomile. So far, so Instagram worthy. #relaxation #hygge However, this week has been a bit of a manic one and got me thinking that in many ways– I completely fail as a health and nutrition blogger. Sometimes I just eat the wrong food, don’t move off the sofa and don’t feel very zen at all. I hope you’ll forgive me as I share ten ways in which I am actually, am a complete fail at nutrition and health blogging… 1.I eat avocado but I don’t get it. For so long, I did not eat avocado at all. Its… View Post

  A few weeks ago, I was struggling with fitting everything in: work was busy, my blog was demanding and I was also in the process of arranging the details of my book publication. I knew I had let things slip; so I decided I wanted to up my juicing efforts in a bid to keep my energy levels up. I got chatting with the folks at Core Body Cleanse and was offered the chance to review their service; which seemed like the perfect, happy coincidence! However, along with being intrigued, I was also sceptical as, to be honest with you, I turn down 90% of the food and drinks ops I receive -I do not believe in promoting unhealthy weightloss or extreme detoxes. I know some people go on extended juice… View Post

  For a health blogger, I don’t post as much about exercise as I like. I did blog about my return to exercise after surgery but it’s something I find difficult to stick at consistently. My favourite type is yoga and pilates: I love the effect it has on my body and I feel so much more relaxed and strong after a session! However, I am seriously uncoordinated. As a result, when I go to in person classes, I am really self-conscious and I feel like I am completely out of synch with the rest of the group (is it just me or does anyone else always seem to go left when everyone else goes right?) So today, I thought I would share what does work for me when I do yoga, Make sure… View Post