Brand Spotlight: Noble Naturals

It was only a couple of days ago that I was posting about my switch to a natural, free from lifestyle and now a new natural health and skincare has caught my eye:Noble Naturals a brand that is all about pure water and minerals. This brand seems to go beyond free from and is not only completely natural but also offers a wide range of real health benefits.

The first product I want to introduce to you and add to my free from haul is their Nano Silver range.


Natural healing is a massive thing for me after desperately trying to support my body through healing after surgery. I’ve heard of doctors using colloidal silver to help surgical wounds so I was intrigued to hear more about this. These mineral waters are infused with different metallic particles and the silver in Nano Silver is claimed to help with sores, nappy rash, burns and even things like eczema.  It’s also a completely natural alternative to things like mouth ulcer remedies. It contains absolutely no allergens and seems the perfect thing to pop in your hand luggage when going abroad- to deal with horrible heat rash and dread mosquito bites!

This has also extended to beauty products too. I am always using a face spritz to pep me up in the middle of the day but this Anti-aging skin mist  goes beyond water and  actually contains nanoclusters of gold and pure zinc. While it sounds like your face by be lit up by bling, it’s all about the health benefits again. As before it’s completely natural and acts as a perfect prep spray for applying make up while doing your skin a whole lot of good!


I am loving discovering more natural skincare and think this is going to be a real area of exploration for me! I’d love to hear any more suggestions you have for new brands below.


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