The Best Health and Fitness Black Friday Deals


Hi guys,

This post wasn’t planned at all but I’ve been enjoying finding some black Friday bargains so I thought I’d share my favourites: there’s some amazing deals in all things nutrition and health. 

First up my top picks of the Holland and Barrat’s Black Friday Sale

Image result for pip and nut almond and coconut butter tubImage result for pip and nut almond butter tub

  1. Pip and Nut Coconut Almond Butter 1kg tub or Regular Almond Butter 1kg tub Now £8.49 from (was £17.99 so a huge saving and amazing for bulk buying! This is my favourite deal today)
  2. L-Glutamine, £9.99 (was £22.99) L-Glutamine is really important for gut health so this is great price for the supplement.
  3. Magnesium and Zinc Combo £2.99 was £5.99 This supplement is great for anxiety and stress management.
  4. The Real Honey Company 20+ Mankuna Honey £12.99 usually £24.99 For a 20+ value this is a fantastic deal (the higher the active ingredient, the more of a healing, antibiotic property it has- you’d expect to pay over £20 for one of these usually)

          Image result for milled chia seeds holland and barrett

5. Milled Chia Seeds £6.43 (was £13.49)


1.Withings Activity Tracker (Coral is £59.99 down from a huge £119- saw this at the Gadget Show and loved them)

2. Lumie Bodyclock Alarm Clock £69.99 (was £99.95) This clock is amazing at help you wake up in a better mood- it mimicks natural sunlight; increases cortisol to help you wake up and can be really useful if you suffer from SAD.

3. Philips Quick Clean Juicer- 55% off (£49.99, was £110.00) This is a great first juicer and has fantastic amazon reviews.

4. Yankee Candles (£13.79- making the large ones temporarily cheaper than the medium ones!)

5. Natural Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder with ginger root. (£9.59 was £19.99)

6,. Instapot reduced to £69.99 from midnight Thursday (current price a whopping £114.98- these will go quickly!)



Image result for currys nutribullet pro 900

1, Nutribullet 900 Champagne £74.99 was £99.00

2, Fitbit Flex in Pin, £39.99


Happy Shopping!


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