Bidvine: The Best Way To Find Health and Fitness Gurus.


Staying healthy can sometimes seem like a full-time job- it can be really tricky to manage fitness classes, supplements, nutrition plans and stress management alongside you know, actually having a life! I am always looking for ways to make this a little easier so I was really interested when I was asked to try Bidvinea local services site which helps you find you everything from a local fitness guru to a cleaner in your area.

 As someone that has tried a lot of local services in the past: nutritionists, cbt, personal trainers– it can be daunting to seperate the professionals from the chancers and using your personal email and mobile to contact them. I think this is a great idea to give you a bit more of reassurance as all your Bidvine conversations are done through the Bidvine bidding messaging system. I’d also like to offer my own services after my Nutritional Therapy qualifications are completely finished and I’d definitely be interested in registering so others could connect with me in a safe way.

How Bidvine works.

Registering with Bidvine was really easy- you simply log-in with facebook and request a service- which Bidvine will then help you hunt for- I decided to look for yoga and a PT. Bidvine asked lots of in-depth questions which I thought was great as it meant I got exactly what I was looking for. Literally a couple of hours later, I had 3 emails bidding for the service- explaining their prices and what they could offer. The yoga teacher was a particularly exciting find as I’ve always wanted private yoga lessons but they’ve always seemed really pricey- yet the quotation I got was really reasonable and I’m definitely going to message back to arrange my lesson! 

Would I recommend Bidvine?

I would wholeheartedly recommend Bidvine- I think it’s a fantastic idea: both for those of you looking to find local services but also to register with your own services- since I know lots of bloggers like me have a ‘side hustle’ that they are always looking to spread the word about.

*This post was sponsored by Bidvine in return for an honest account of my experiences*

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