My Gut Health Shopping List: Supermarket Shopping, Supplements and More.


After sharing lots of information, ebooks and videos during the 7 day gut challenge, I’ve had lots of you ask the same kind of questions: What do I eat? What supplements do I use? What diet am I on? Well, I decided to make a big post today sharing everything about my current diet and supplement regime- as a gluten and dairy free eater who is trying to focus on gut health and being as healthy as I can. Remember that I am not suggested any of this is a cure- I am still on a medication for my crohn’s disease called Azathioprine-but my blog is all about balance and as an avid nutrition student, I believe this diet greatly helps me reduce my symptoms and also just gives my body as much support as possible.

My Supermarket Shop

Over on my facebook page did a video showing exactly what I buy on my weekly shop so if you are interested ,hop over there now to watch the full video (and please give my page a big thumbs up if you can- I’d love to end January with a 1000 likes on fb). I chat through my juicing ingredients, my best healthy free from snacks and quick and easy meal ideas. 

      Online Food Shopping

       There’s also some bits I buy online.

  • I’ve blogged before about Live Lean (there’s a discount code on this post too! ) and this has proved really economical for me. I have used the slimming hamper and it  lasts us months- the chicken portions are massive; one can easily serve two people. It’s all grassfed and gluten free but much cheaper than meat that seems to be marketed this way in the supermarket. 
  • I’ve also used recipe boxes if I know that I am going to be out and about and I see this as a way of avoiding lots of food waste. Mindful Chef is by far the best I’ve come across: they are gluten free with plant-based options and it’s all very natural.
  • I have a subscription to Nutribombz, which are really tasty vegan and gluten power balls.


         Protein Powders and Other Extra Ingredients



  • Nuzest Protein Powder. I only started this a few months ago but I’m really impressed. I’d recommend anyone using a vegan protein powder (more on why dairy might not be a good idea here) unless they’re having a protein dense breakfast- like eggs. Protein first thing; helps stabilise your blood sugar- especially important if you’re starting the day with a smoothie. I’d recommend a pea product like this one- it comes in flavours which are completely natural (no added chemicals or sweeteners at all) and you can buy it on amazon. or hemp based protein powder. I’ve also tried Hemp Powder from Myprotein, which is very natural.

  • Turmeric. I take turmeric supplements but I also use Lucy Bee’s powdered turmeric to add to smoothies and cooking. You can add this to almost anything- but it’s a good idea to make sure there is some fat with it and black pepper (even the tiniest sprinkle will enhance absorption) There’s some more turmeric recipes in this post.
  • Cooking Oil. I use rapeseed oil or hemp oil.
  • Collagen Powder. I ordered this a few months ago off amazon; I haven’t been using it every day so I can’t see if it’s worked yet but it certainly hasn’t harmed. You can make your own jelly out of it or add into smootCollagenleagen is beef gelatin and it’s full of protein (amino acids) and L-Glutamine in particular which is said to help heal the gut. It’s also great for joint pains.



Supplements I use

      I did a blog post on the best supplements for digestive health, but here’s a reminder of what I       personally take:


  • Fish Oil – Omega 3 is really important and it is proven to have an anti-inflammatory effect on a cellular level. Even if you eat fish, you’d need to be eating wild caught, sustainable fish to get the maximum benefit but I take a vegan version just to vary my omega intake.
  • Betaine and Pepsin for low stomach acid- there’s a video about this on my facebook page which explains if you might need to supplement this. I use a Betaine and Pepsin supplement by Cytoplan; who were recommended on my nutrition course.

This is turning into a mamoth post so I will end it here! Make sure you head over to my facebook page to watch the grocery shop video- hopefully that will give you some suggestions for quick and easy gut friendly meals.




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