How to Start a New Healthy Lifestyle Regime on A Budget


Hi everyone, I hope your healthy lifestyle regime is lasting now we’re well into January! Today I am sharing my top tips for getting a bargain with all things healthy lifestyle. I know it’s really frustrating at times as it seems to be cheaper to eat rubbish than it does to eat well; but hopefully these simple tips will make things a little easier.

Fitness on A Budget- The Only Pounds You’ll Lose Will Be On The Scales (Sorry- that was terrible but I couldn’t resist!)

  1. Don’t spend money on a gym membership- considering using services like Pay as You Gym to sign up for day or week passes to see if you’ll actually use them before commiting!
  2. Or if you’re completely broke, you can currently get free day passes to Virgin Gym Fitness First and loads more- a quick google search just revealed these. Just make sure you don’t end up being convinced into signing up to packages you don’t need afterwards!
  3. You might also consider online gym services– such as Yogaia (which offers online yoga and pilates streaming) or gym cube- which offers lots of well known personal trainers in your living room.
  4. Search for online discount codes to nab cheap gymwear. I am a big fan of Next and ASOS for activewear but always check online for any offers, discount codes or clearances. For example, I used Asos deals with Voucheroo to find codes for free delivery and 20% off codes! I also make sure I use Quidco to get cashback as I shop.

Healthy Eating On A Budget.

  1. If you love finding discounts and aren’t too fussy about best before dates; then you can checkout Love Health Hate Waste– which has massive reductions on out of date health items-when I last checked there were omega supplements for a pound and massive reductions on booja booja!.
  2. Buy in bulk-Make the most of introductory offers– try Mindful chef for recipe boxes (currently 25% of your first box) live lean for bulk meat and abel and cole for veggies (they’ve usually got 50% codes for new customers)  (see more on all this in my grocery shopping list for gut health)
  3. Avoid the free-from aisle where possible and try to make the most of natural gluten free products.
  4.  Make sure you target supermarkets at the right time for Reductions- I have found Sundays good for waitrose and M&s (fish in particular; which tends to be really good quality) I also love the site Reduced Grub for this which show you the best times to find bargains and how to feed your family on the cheap.
  5.  Use apps like Shopitize and Clicksnap; which give you cashback when you buy certain items and upload the receipt.

Self Help

  1.  My favourite suggestion for self-help is undoubtedly the app Headspace; their 7 day free programme is amazing.
  2. I would also recommend Audible-I signed up for a free 30 day trial but kept it because I loved it so much! It comes with all kind of audio self-help books to download- I listen to them on my drive to work. My favourite so far is the Patrick Holford series but there’s plenty of more lighthearted listens too!


I hope all of these tips are useful- I’d love to hear your suggestions for the best healthy living tips on a budget!


This is a collaborative post.


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