Dairy-free ice lolly recipes(sugar-free, vitamin packed, low res)

The sun is shining and that means one thing: ice-lollies. If you’re looking for a dairy free ice lolly recipe today, then you’re definitely in the right place! I’ve made a few different dairy-free ice lolly recipes in the past so thought I’d do a little round up of my top three for you to try this summer!

Looking for dairy free ice lolly recipe? Here's my three dairy free ice lolly recipe with no added sugar and low residue too!

As well as being dairy-free, all the recipes also contain no added sugar; are suitable for those on a low residue diet and are super-healthy-packed with lots of nutrients!

1.Iron Boosting Juice Lollies

If you’re looking for extra- healthy ice lollies, then I’d recommend giving these a try. As you probably know, I’m a huge juicing fan (you can read my juicing guides here)

These contain veggie juices, turmeric and are super-fruity whilst being completely gluten and dairy free. They’re packed with vitamin C and  I also make these with Spatone for an added iron boost.

You can read the recipe here.

2. Calcium-Rich ‘FroYo’ lollies.


Turmeric is my favourite wonder-spice; so I love these dairy-free turmeric fro-yo lollies! I make them with goat’s yoghurt (since I am cow’s milk free but can tolerate some goat’s milk) but they can just as easily be made with soya milk.

They also have turmeric for plenty natural sweetness!

You can make the full recipe here

3. 3 ingredients vitamin C lollies

My easiest ice lolly recipe yet! So easy to make and simply uses water, strawberry and kiwi. They’re perfect if you’re on a budget too!

Make the recipe here

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