RECIPE: 3 ingredient hydrating fruit ice lollies (GF, Vegan)

It’s sunny again! You might know from my last post (about how IBD flares are linked to hot weather) that this isn’t my favorite time of year. However, it does give me an excuse to get experimenting with ice lolly recipes again! Last year, I posted my iron boosting lollies and this year I am back with what is probably the simplest and most natural ice lolly ever: my 3 ingredient fruit lollies. 


These ice lollies are an easy way to stay cool without having excess sugar or sweeteners. Although they’re only three ingredients, you can easily customize them. For example, switching to coconut water or even adding sugar and salts to turn it into a rehydration lolly! I use these silicon ice lolly moulds as I find them easier to handle and they’re much sturdier than plastic ones! However, you can get moulds for under £4 on amazon, like these ones. 


Natural Fruit Ice Lollies

Prep Time 5 minutes


  • -1 kiwi
  • -1 glass of water
  • -a handful of strawberries


  1. Chop, wash and peel fruit.
  2. Evenly distribute the fruit into the ice lolly mould. Pack fruit as much as you can by pressing down towards the bottom of the mould.
  3. Once fruit has been placed in the ice lolly mould, add water and fill to the top of the ice lolly mould.
  4. Freeze for 4 hours.
  5. Once done, run mold under a hot water to loosen and then serve!
This recipe was so simple, I almost contemplated not posting it. However, it is sometimes simple, easy food hacks like this that can be the most useful information for you guys! Let me know if you end of making these and how you find them. You can read the rest of my recipes here.


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