13 NEW Gluten and Dairy Free Products

It’s coeliac awareness week and as a result, I’ll be sharing lots of content about coeliac disease and being gluten-free. First up is a new and updated guide of all the latest gluten and dairy free products. As I personally am dairy free (and I know a lot of you are), all of the choices are also dairy free and where possible, I try to make this as healthy as I can where possible- most items avoid any nasties like carrageenan (more in this here) and other preservatives. So here’s all the new gluten free finds I’m loving.

1.Morrison’s Curly Fries


Morrison has launched a whole range of gluten-free products of late and these curly fries are dairy free too. They are the perfect weekend treat and tasted exactly like the real thing to me. Also in the range are cook from frozen breaded chicken (such a time saver) and pizza (unfortunately this is only gluten free, not dairy free)

2.Freaks of Nature Deserts


I struggle with deserts as they tend to be soy based and contain a lot of sugar- which I try to avoid where possible. Freak of Nature desserts have launched in Tesco and claim to be all-natural, using ingredients such as juicy fruits,  nuts, coconut, nectars and pure cacao. The range is also free from dairy, gluten, eggs, soya, white sugar, artificial additives, and preservative! Very excited about these.

3. Heck Spring Chicken Sausages


Heck’s previous Chicken sausage offering was the Chicken Italia range which contained dairy. However, this new Spring Chicken addition is gluten free and perfect for summer. They’re light and made with lean meat so perfect for barbecues!

4. Cool Chile Soft Corn Tortillas: There’s been lots of chatter about Old El Paso gluten free tortillas that have been on the shelves of Tesco but I’ve been using Cool Chile’s version for a while. They’re much better for you as the pretty much only contain corn (Water, nixtamalized white corn flour (47%), sea salt, stabilisers (cellulose gum, guar gum) while other brands tend to have lots of oils and E numbers.

5. Eat Right Snacks

If you are trying to get in shape this summer then this new range of ‘clean’ eat right from Calsway snacks might interest you. They’re all based around fruit and are labeled by calorie portion so you can just grab and go. My favourite are the apple cocoa crisps which were surprisingly chocolatey!

6.Mr Lee Noodles

There’s lots of gluten free noodles on the market now- but these new Mr Lee ones are certified by Coeliac UK and contain absolutely no artificial preservatives, additives, colours, flavours or MSG. The whole range is gluten free and there’s several that are vegan too. They are also much lower in salt and sugar than most noodle brands.


7. Bellfield Brewery Beer

Yes I know that gluten free beer is no longer a new thing but what about a dedicated gluten free brewery? Bellfield Brewery are accredited by Coeliac UK and they produce gluten-free beer naturally, rather than ‘de-glutenising’ using enzymes, as most mainstream breweries with gluten-free beers in their ranges currently do. 


These are the most amazing crisps if you miss wotsits! Hippeas can be found in Sainbury’s and Tesco and unlike most gluten free crisps they use organic chickpea flour; so you’re getting plenty of goodness too.

Related image

9. GOSH Beetroot Burgers

Again, the emphasis on this post is to show there are some fantastic healthy gluten free brands! GOSH have launched another new product: Beetroot Kale and Quinoa burgers. These are a fantastic product for gluten free vegans- showing the emphasis should be on plant-based foods rather than fake meats

10. Vin and Bal’s Gluten Free Curry Sauces

Vini & Bal’s Indian curry sauces are based on traditional family Punjabi recipes and then tweaked to give them a healthier twist. They contain no added sugar, artificial flavours or preservatives and three of the vegan dairy-free sauces – Jeera, Tharaka and Fiery Mirchi – contain less than 300 calories per pack. All of the sauces are all gluten-free and nut-free which creates the perfect curry base for two people – just add meat, fish or veg and your curry is ready in 10 minutes.

11. Goodlife Falafel

Another fantastic gluten free brand is Goodlife.  They’re gluten free vegan range are fantastic and the ingredients are really clean (for want of a better word) 

You can checkout the full range and some recipes I created with them in my 15 quick and easy gluten free vegan ideas.


  12. Co-op Jammie Dodgers

I toyed about including this one as I felt pretty ill after them (I did demolish a packet at once but I digress) But Co-op have bought out both a gluten and dairy free jammie dodger and they’re probably the best thing I’ve ever tasted.However, there’s no denying they do contain a lot of fillers and emulsifiers so perhaps limit them to a treat.

13. Tesco Blackcurrant Cheesecake

To my knowledge, this blackcurrant cheesecake is the first that is both gluten and dairy free-it uses a coconut milk and rice flour combination. Considering all tesco free from products are 3 for 2 this coeliac awarness week; I’d stock up pronto!


I’d love to hear of any more new gluten free products you are loving? Let me know below!

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