Vegan Organic Haircare at Karine Jackson


A few months ago, I was lucky enough to visit Karine Jackson: an organic colouring expert that offers a completely vegan experience. As I am becoming increasingly interested in a free-from life (I’m planning more posts on natural skincare and cleaning products) the concept of a vegan hairdressers intrigued me and I really wanted to find out more!

First up, the location. Karine Jackson is located in the heart of Covent garden; around 2 minutes from the nearest tube.



The salon is tucked away in a side street bang in the middle of the bustling Covent Garden

When I walked in, the modern contemporary design surprised me (as did the size- it’s way bigger than it’s relatively small shop front suggests); I was half expecting a bit of a ‘hippy’ experience based on things like henna products, but was really impressed to see that Karine Jackson’s decision to go completely vegan and organic didn’t limit the services they had on offer. The vegan colouring service uses completely vegan and organic products and can produce impressive results; although you’d expect it to be impossible to achieve ‘bleach blonde’ or bright colours; Karine explained to me that it was completely possible to create all of these naturally and in animal friendly way- in August she launched the hair colour festival; demonstrating how you don’t need harsh chemicals to get experimenting with your hair! Which got me thinking: why isn’t everyone else doing this?


Just one of the many bold colour choices available; completely vegan and organic!

I opted to have my root colour done and the blonde ends of ombre refreshed. I was so impressed with the colour: no burning feeling as it was applied (my scalp is sensitive to ammonia); no staining and it smelt completely gorgeous! Karina then left this to set while I perused the snack menu. As I’m dairy free, I was really excited to see all the possibilities- the salon offers a complimentary vegan snack menu with everything from almond milk to champagne. I settled for a cup of mint tea, a packet of vegan crisps and a lovely respite from the hustle and bustle of my journey.

I was really pleased with my colour and my experience overall. At first, my blonde ends were a bit muted but as Karina had promised, after a couple of washes they shone through and seemed much more natural. As promised, the organic hair treatment left my hair super shiny and glossy.  For me the highlight was to chat with Karina who is clearly passionate at providing the exact same services as the top-name London salons but without the chemicals and cruelty.

I think I’ve only just explored the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my ‘free-from’ adventures; I am learning more each day and my visit has given me the push to really start thinking about replacing skincare, cleaning products and everything else that has unnecessary chemicals in. I’ll keep you posted on my journey!


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