We NEED to talk about Fistulas


So today I wanted to talk about fistulas. If you don’t know, about two years ago I had a fistulatomy. It was something I didn’t talk much about this at the time, as it’s quite difficult to explain. It’s not even something everyone with IBD knows about! Let alone those who don’t have it! But recently, I opened up about it over on Metro online and wrote ‘What it’s like to live with a fistula-the IBD Problem nobody talks about‘.

If I’m completely honest, I had wanted to write something for Crohn’s and Colitis week and I felt like I’d written about so many things already-I was kind of out of ideas! I had no idea the impact it would have-it was in the top 5 articles that we’re most read that month! An article about fistulas.

However, I also felt unqualified to deal with the response that followed-which was emails and messages asking me to talk more about the topic! I am lucky that it hasn’t impacted as significantly as it has some of you all; so I wanted to be able to reach out to everyone who has emailed offering to help and share their story!

Please take a moment to fill out this short-survey: offering your experiences of living with a fistula and any advice you can pass on. It’s 100% ok to be completely anonymous, but if you want to provide a first name that I can use that would be amazing. And if you’re super brave, do email a photo of you I can use to show everyone-‘hey, we might look fine on the outside, but this is what life with a fistula looks like ! (you can email jfarmer@abalancedbelly.co.uk)

So yes, do fill out and share!And I’ll post all your amazing comments and advice on here in a few weeks!





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