11 gluten-free low cal recipes (DF, low fodmap and low syn) pt 2

*This is part 2 of 11 gluten-free low cal recipes. for part 1 and more amazing recipes click here.*

7. Turkey and Sweet Potato Slow Cooker Stew

If you’re looking for a quick slow cooker supper, try this gluten and dairy free turkey and sweet potato stew. There’s plenty of leftovers for the next day too! Also suitable for those on a low residue diet.

Number of calories? 377

Slimming world friendly? syn free

low FODMAP? Yes.

Make full recipe here


8.Tuna and carrot noodles

A super simple meal when you just want something fuss free and easy. Tuna steak is a fantastic source of omega 3s too!

Number of calories? 410

Slimming world friendly? Yes- just syn the avocado

low FODMAP? Yes

Make the full recipe here



9.Califlower Crusted Shepherds’ Pie (Gluten Free, Low Carb, Paleo)

Shepherd’s Pie is such a classic dish- but this one by the Free From Fairy is paleo friendly; using cauliflower instead of regular potato. It looks delicious and is a great way to get lots of your 5 a day.

Slimming world friendly? Yes

low FODMAP? If you omit the garlic and onion then yes.

Make the full recipe here

10.Fish and Bean Casserole Soup


A deliciously comforting fish stew by the Gluten Free Alchemist full of fibre from the beans used and rich with flavour – using white wine and harissa paste makes it dairy free too!

Slimming world friendly? Yes.

low FODMAP? Yes, if you remove onion and garlic (replace with garlic infused oil)

Make the full recipe here

11. BBQ Apricot & Nectarine ‘Steak’ Salad 

A fresh and delicious salad by The Peachick’s Bakery– using the sweetness of apricots and the tang of feta cheese. 

Slimming world friendly? Yes, the feta cheese can be used as a healthy extra.

low FODMAP? No, as apricots are high in FODMAPs.

Make the full recipe here

I hope you’ve enjoyed these 12 gluten-free recipes, for more recipes click here.

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