A Healthy Boxing Day Sale: Start 2017 In The Right Way

Hands up who has overindulged over the last few days? We wouldn’t be about balance if we didn’t indulge in a glass of prosecco or two. I can honestly say for the last few days I’ve done nothing but eat, drink and lie on the sofa- and it’s been bloody brilliant. I managed to escape relatively unscathed (although as I type; my stomach is going a bit haywire- but given Christmas was 2 days ago I’ll consider it a success.) Now is the time to get thinking about getting myself back in shape; giving my body a chance to recover and starting new years with a spring in my step- I’m going to share with you guys a special boxing day sale offer that you can grab over the next week or two to help get your body back on track for 2017.

I know I’m not the only one: everyone tends to take in more toxins over  Christmas and New Years. Greasy foods, alcohol, cigarettes, and other toxic overloads get into our bodies. I spoke about this in my free detox e-course post where I explained that your body is perfectly capable of detoxing naturally; but if it’s overloaded and it’s detox pathways become compromised (for example the liver pathway has too much alcohol to process- causing toxins to move to other pathways) then we need to support it.

The company behind the course  (which is completely free and definitely worth a watch!) also offer an all-natural body cleanse from Koh Samui, Thailand called Easy Detox by Amrita and they’re offering my readers a special discount! As you may now, I very rarely work with detox companies because they usually=laxatives but  this ‘cleanse’ (and I use inverted commas as cleanse usually conjures up starvation and multiple loo trips which I promise is not the case!) just uses lots of natural foods (16 organic ingredients- you can see the full list and their benefits here) to support the liver, skin, gut and other detox pathways- it does this in a gentle way and has no faddy ingredients and never has any laxative actions. It also comes with the support of a trained Naturopath who can advise on how to best use the ingredients- which I feel is really beneficial and again separates the detox program from most I’ve heard of .

Used in places such a W Retreat, Banyan Tree and Kempinski luxury wellness retreats- it aims to let you eat and live your life but just give yourself a bit of TLC. You can choose from a very reasonable mini-kit (which comes in at just over £30- with free shipping) with my special discount- or if you want a longer, more serious detox you can go for their detox kit- which also comes with probiotics to support the gut and Thai face masks to help the detox at skin level. I’d recommend beginning with the mini kit and if you get on well with it, taking the plunge to try the longer deluxe kit.

You can view what’s included in each kit here: www.easydetox.co/abalancedbelly and you can also enjoy my boxing day promo. If you are just looking to learn more about detoxing then have a read of my free detox e-course post to start lining about how the process works. 

This is a collaborative post with Amrita but, as usual, the recommendation is wholeheartedly honest. The special link is for the discount only and NOT an affiliate link and I do not receive any referral fees.

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