One of the most common questions I see posted online lately is: WTF IS MY BODY DOING?I’m not talking about gut disorders today but instead the immune system and, more specifically, why your body suddenly, out of absolutely nowhere, reacts completely randomly. I’m talking skin rashes, swelling, redness; that seems to have just come out of bloody nowhere! I experienced this a few years ago and at the time it left me bewildered. Out of nowhere, my hands would swell up, an insect bite would take over my whole leg and I once woke up with lips exactly like Angelina Jolie (actually I quite liked that one.) So when this topic came up during my nutrition training, I was fascinated. As part of my case studies, I learnt about athletes… View Post

Today is the first day of Crohn’s and Colitis UK Awareness week and each year I try to be as active as possible with the content I have on here. However, while I have lots of articles for those with IBD e.g.    A guide to being Newly Diagnosed with IBD A guide for friends and family for those with IBD The Psychological Impact of IBD I wanted to spend today sharing advice for those who suspect they might have IBD and aren’t sure what to do. What is IBD? Inflammatory Bowel Disease is a collective term for Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and Microscopic Colitis. Every 30 minutes, someone is diagnosed with IBD but many people spend years waiting for a diagnosis. There are many symptoms of IBD, but each… View Post

Since it’s officially November, the Christmas posts have started! Mince pies are everywhere, it’s bloody cold and everyone’s trying to find a date for ‘Xmas drinks.‘ A combination of being busy, indulgent food and nights out can cause havoc on our guts. Not to mention, the stress of surviving Christmas without a trip to A and E. So, if the panic has already set in- let’s chat about some ways to survive the Christmas period with IBD.  1. Do your research before going to social occasions. I talked about this in my ‘eating out at Christmas post‘ but it’s something I think is really important and although it’s a bit embarrassing, I would really urge you to call the restaurant beforehand to see if they can accommodate you if you… View Post