Splurge v Save: My Guide to the Best Kitchen Buys

I often get asked what the best gadget is for things like juicing and smoothies and my answer is always the same: it completely depends on your budget and what you’re trying to achieve. You don’t need the priciest product to start out (healthy living should completely be affordable) but sometimes it’s worth spending more if a particular feature can help you- whether it means you bulk juice or it’s easier to clean (to be honest; I’d pay thousands if someone could invent a self-clean juicer- I know I’d be much motivated to use it! So today I thought I’d share my top picks of gadgets- with something for bargain hunters and those looking to make a bigger purchase.


This is definitely the gadget I get asked the most about! There are two types of juicers that are on the market: cold pressed and centrifugal. If you are new to the world of juicing then centrifugual is your cheapest best. It’s quicker but doesn’t retain as much of the nutrients and you’ll need to drink it quickly but if you’re just dipping your foot in to the juicing world, you don’t need to invest a lot upfront.. If you want to keep your juices fresh for longer- perhaps you’re getting in to it and doing a few at a time and popping them in the fridge-then a cold-pressed one is your best bet. They’re pricer but worth the investment if you’re serious about juicing.



Save option: Andrew James Whole Fruit Juicer (£29.99+P&P) Given it’s low price, this has impressive reviews on Amazon. It’s capable of juicing whole fruits at a time and is your perfect intro juicer. It is fairly large compared to the ‘splurge’ option so will take up more kitchen space but if you are looking to give juicing a go, it could be the perfect intro juicer.Buy it here.

Splurge Option: Panoasonic MLJ-500 (£199.99)  The latest in the range of panasonic juicers, this one is beautiful to look it (it comes in Champagne colour too!) As a cold-pressed juicer, you should be getting a lot more nutrients and you can keep them for at least 24 hours in the fridge. This gadget is space saving and has multiple functions: it comes with an attachment to make fab frozen deserts Buy it here

Smoothie Makers.



Who doesn’t love a good smoothie? There’s lots of cheaper ones out there but there is nothing worse that chunky bits or fruits that won’t blend properly so a good model is important.

Save: Breville Blend Active Pro (£29.99 with free delivery too!Spoiler alert: this is down to £21.99 now!)

There are plenty of smoothie makers competing for the nutribullet’s crown, but this one really does have a decent go at it. It’s only 300 W (over half the power of Nutribullet’s oldest model) but it’s had an update with a sleek design and better blending. If you’re just looking to whizz fruits with yoghurt each morning, this one could be all you need.Buy it here

Splurge: Nutribullet (From £69.99)

I don’t really need to introduce the Nutribullet as you’ll have definitely heard of it! It’s blendability can’t really be beaten unless you’re investing in a deluxe vitamix (which needs a delux splurge category of it’s very own). If you are thinking of making things like nut butters, grinding flours or anything else more complex then this is a better option that the ‘save’ choice.Buy it here.




To be honest, this one is a bit of a no-brainer for me! Now we have electronic spiralisers I reckon the handheld ones will be on their way out. And I couldn’t be happier! I know lots of bloggers rave about them but for me using a spiraliser ended with me either a cutting my hand on the blade (I am incredibly clumsy) having arm ache and always ending up with irregular spirals. So for me the save option is only if things are exceptionally tight.

Save: Visani Tri Blade (£11.99)

I mean I’ll give it one thing; it’s cheap. Which means you can spend money you save on plasters from picking up the blades and cutting yourself (perhaps that’s just me). One for only the committed spiraliser I think. Buy it here

Splurge: Kenwoods Electronic Spiraliser (£49.99) I have not stopped using this since I got it. It takes seconds; you just press a button and voila: perfect veggie and fruit noodles. For me it is literally worth every penny.Buy it here


Slow Cooker

Now winter is coming, slow cookers are great for making quick and healthy meals. I recently blogged my slow cooker curry recipe


Save: Quest Stainless Steel Slow Cooker (£13.67)

This is the cheapest slow cooker I’ve ever seen on the market! There’s good reason: it’s small and simple but if you are often cooking for yourself it could be the perfect little kitchen gadget.Buy it here

Splurge:Sage by Heston Blumental  Fast Slow Cooker (£199.99)

Yes £199.99 for a slow cooker! How can a gadget be so good at cooking things slowly you ask? Well this gadget is the complete opposite of our save option. This is the king of slow cookers: it has settings to act as a pressure cooker, steamer and more. The idea is it cooks way faster than a slow cooker but still achieves the same results and it promises you can cook everything from risotto to bone broth. As I always have an idea to do a slow cook recipe about an hour before dinner, I must admit I’m impressed at the thought of dinner being ready in 2 hours insteads of the usual 10! Buy it


Not sure if your budget can stretch to fancy gadgets? Checkout these kitchen buys that’ll give you change from a tenner…..

4 Kitchen Buys for Under a Tenner
Chef Add Tea Strainer (99p) for straining cold pressed juicers and nut milks,  Squirrel Tea Diffuser (£2.99) for an autumn tea pick me up, The Vintage Company Milk Bottles (8.99)  If you are looking for cute juice storage and this Handheld Spiralizer. (£6.90) A bit fiddly but if your budget really can’t stretch then it’s worth a try.


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