Health Spotlight: No One Told Me Campaign

A few weekends ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to an amazing health and wellness blogger event at Champney’s. We took part in a fitness class, outdoor yoga, an amazing massage and rounded it off with a glass of champagne and a chat. The point of this lovely day of relaxation was to get us chatting about our health. Well as a health blogger and someone who is constantly trying to raise awareness of gut issues, chatting about this kind of stuff is right up my street. We learnt about bladder incontinence- something you’d usually associate with older ladies but actually is becoming increasingly common in milder forms for those of us in our 20s in 30s. It can happen for many reasons and it was reassuring to learn it was completely normal. As someone with one health condition, I am constantly questioning whether I have another one or if my symptoms are ‘normal’.

Suffering with little leaks? Here’s some of my top tips……

1. Work on your pelvic floor muscles! Try a pelvic floor app such as ‘My PFF’ (Pelvic Floor Fitness) to keep track and encourage yourself to do them daily.

2. Be reassured it’s completely normal and can be caused by anything from childbirth to exercising.

3.Don’t just buy a normal sanitary towel. Although it’s a bit scary, you need something that is designed for the job. Tena Lights are much more absorbent but look exactly like a normal pad- they’re designed for those little leaks rather than the original Tena range which focuses on incontinence in older ladies.

4. Be conscious of coffee and tea– they’re massive diuretics and can therefore worsen the issue.

Before You Go...
Head over to Tena Light  ‘No One Told Me’ page and get sharing your story about what came as a surprise to you growing older: whether it is things like mild incontinence, having to deal with body changes or an illness. Like everything; it is so important to get talking and raise awareness.

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  1. October 7, 2016 / 12:33 pm

    Great post, hope you’re keeping up the yoga! 🙂 x

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