Review: An Amazing Night’s Sleep with S+ by Resmed


The s + by res med is the perfect sleep tracking device. The s plus by res med tracks your breathing, light and sound conditions.I have posted about my pursuit in the perfect’s night sleep in past posts: I looked at the best sleep gadgets as well as sharing my own sleep tips. With bouts of stress at the moment, I decided to take my sleep patterns more seriously and there’s where the S+ by ResMed monitor* comes in.

What is the S+ by Resmed Sleep Monitor?

The S+ is basically the perfect gadget to use if you’re looking to work on your sleep issues. It does this completely wirelessly- making it much less of a faff than some gadget that you need to remember to wear it. The S+ by Resmed will obviously do the usual sleep tracking like most gadgets out there (letting you know the hours of deep and light sleep and when you woke up) but it does much more too. First of all, it makes getting to sleep a much more restful experience. It tracks the noise and light levels in your room; a facility to clear your mind by making notes and a choice of music to send you to sleep. It’s alarm picks the optimal time to wake you up and once you’re awake you can access your report as well as suggestions on how to get a better night sleep!

Does the S+ by Resmed work?

As you’ve probably noticed, I don’t usually do that many straightforward reviews- but I made an exception here because I really am impressed by this gadget and wanted to explain exactly how it works! My favourite part was the pre-sleep function which I used religiously- this consists of a short questionnaire about my day (whether I was stressed, I’d drunk caffeine or alcohol), cleared my mind with a voice note of things I needed to do tomorrow and selected my sounds to drift off to. This routine in itself really helped me wind down and resist checking my phone again (the struggle is real!) so not to disturb the sensor. You can also charge your phone in the same plugsocket as the Resmed; so it charges as it tracks you- just genius. I really would recommend this to anyone who finds it difficult to wind down of a night time or doesn’t like wearing a sleep gadget to bed. It’s way more than just a sleep recording device; it really does have everything you need for the perfect night sleep.


Where can I buy the S+ by Resmed?

You can buy the S+ by Resmed at Amazon or John Lewis.  

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