May Favourites

A little late but it’s here… my May Favourites.

First up is two foody choices. I first mentioned Ossa in my post on a healthy gut; their bone broth does wonders for it! I’m now trying out some of their traditional grass fed beef fat for cooking*! I am always hearing the benefits of eating grass-fed meat but I’m not a massive red meat fat- so this is a perfect way to get some of the goodness into my diet.

Second up is Buko organic coconut jam. I must admit this is something of an aquired taste (it reminds me of dates) but is so much healthier than normal jam (with only 2 ingredients derived from coconuts) and perfect to pop in to your porridge for a caramely type texture!



Next up is reading! I picked up Balance magazine in my local health food store and I think it’s great! It’s like a happy lifestyle magazine with topics such as gratitude and meditation. I was also sent The Social Kitchen* a gorgeous recipe book; created by a daughter who wanted to chronicle her mom (who struggled with various autoimmune diseases) recipes. It’s full of gorgeous hearty recipes; lots of which are gluten free, dairy free and plant based- all proceeds go to Dermatrust; a charity which helps improve treatment of skin disease.

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As it’s so hot lately, my beauty pick is Urban Decay B6 vitamin infused spray*. This is so refreshing when you are red faced and sweaty! As a nutrition geek, I love the fact in contains Vitamin B6 to help with redness! With all the walks I’ve been doing (see my return to fitness post) I pop it in my handbag. I have also been taking these Wraps headphones: I know there’s tons of headphones out there but these ones turn into a wearable wristband, which I think is perfect when you are on the go and a very clever idea!

My final item is this gorgeous Organic Aromas diffuser* that popped into my postbox a while ago.


I have tried diffusers before but this is the first where I felt the smell made such a difference to the whole of the room. It comes with a lovely essential oil fragrance and also makes a very pretty addition to my dining table- with it’s coloured lights and wooden frame. It really helps us chill out of an evening. You can find their beautiful wooden diffusers online.


Finally, as always, here’s a few blogs/vlogs I’ve been loving.

-I really like xamelia’s youtube channel. I feel lots of the youtubers are aimed at the younger market but she gives so much insight in what it’s like to juggle a business, a relationship and fitness.

-Hannah is a new gluten free blogger and sent me a lovely comment about my blog so I thought I’d share the love back. She is blogging about her experiences of being a newly diagnosed coeliac.

-Gluten Free SCD and Veggie   does what it says on the tin really! Some fab recipes if you’re new to gluten free, SCD diet or plant based living!



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  1. June 9, 2016 / 9:08 pm

    Thank you for the mention, how very lovely of you! I’ve not heard of any of these items, the jam looks interesting as well as the magazine and cookbook, I must look out for them.

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