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I mentioned in my last blog post about how I was having a tough few weeks lately-so it’s definitely been time to indulge in some self-care! If you follow my freelance work, you’ll know I am OBSESSED with subscription boxes; and last year I wrote a feature all about self-care subscription boxes and how they can play such an important role in helping you relax. One of them, Hygge box , I absolutely loved and continued to follow them on social media. So when they mentioned they were looking for bloggers to test out their May box; I was more than happy to rise to the challenge!

What is it?

You might remember ‘hygge’ being big last winter; with everyone talking about chunky knit blankets and mugs of tea. However, it’s not really about that at all. The concept of ‘hygge’ is slow living; so each box is centred around items (usually around 5) that encourage us to take time out from it all. Unlike most subscription boxes, there’s not ‘one type’ of item you’ll receive: this is great for me as I get bored quickly of beauty boxes (I’m not much of a make-up wearer but enjoy natural skincare) and I often can’t eat most things in food subscription boxes. It encourages you to think outside the concept of ‘self-care’: it’s not just about candles and nice skincare; there are so many things we can do to be more hygge! The cost of the box is £35 and each box is ‘themed’ around a specific concept of Hygge; featuring independent and ethically sourced brands.


What I received

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This month's box is a big favourite of mine, so many beautiful products but also a wonderful message. It's an appreciation of all that is simple, modest and imperfect. -/- I think we could all learn to be a bit better at appreciating that things change, things don't go to plan and that actually the world, others and ourselves are a little imperfect. -/- Our box would not have been created without the gorgeous suppliers that we chose so a big shout out to @cultvinegar @balmbalmorganic @creightonschocolaterie @wildflower_wedding_favours . . . #uksubscriptionbox #metime #selfcare #lifestylebox #naturalbeauty #beautybox #luxurygiftbox #wellness #wildflowerweddingfavours #lifestylebox #homeware #design #luxury #wildflowers #gardening #treatyourself #celebratetheeveryday #hyggeboxuk #subboxaddict #giftsforher #brandswelove #independentbrands #organicproducts #wellbeing #simplethings #simpleliving

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I often get to test out boxes for my freelance work and am used to seeing the same things crop up again and again. However, the items in my Hygge box were totally unique and things I’d never come across before. In my box, I received:

  • A box about the concept of Japonisme; billed the Japanese guide to a happier life. I’ve never even heard of this concept (see what I mean about receiving unique items!) so it’s on my holiday reading pile. 
  • Cult Vinegar: A bottle of sake cult vinegar; perfectly fitting the Japanese theme but also amazing for me as it is supposed to do wonders for gut health.
  • A lovely packet of wildflower seeds. I’ve blogged before how gardening is my go-to self-care practice so these are perfect.
  • Beautifully smelling rosehip balm.
  • A bar of ‘In Bloom’ white chocolate by Creighton’s. Unfortunately, this is the only item I couldn’t have being dairy-free but I loved the packaging and my partner said it tasted amazing.

My Verdict


I really loved receiving HyggeBox this month. I love how it’s a completely different box than the one I trialled previously (which was ‘bee themed; containing honeycomb soap, chocolate, bee-friendly seeds and more)and it’s one of the few subscription boxes I’ve tried that commit to a theme and deliver really unique items (that also support small businesses; which I am a massive fan of- being one myself!)

I hadn’t even heard of Japonisme and cult vinegar before I received the boxes and it’s introduced me to new ways of self-care I haven’t heard of before. If you’re looking for a self-care box that is just that little bit different and have challenged yourself to try new things in 2018; then HyggeBox is a way to achieve me-time in a whole new way!

You can buy HyggeBox here and follow them on Instagram here.

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