How Gardening Helps My Anxiety

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! I have had a lovely weekend outside in the sunshine and decided to finally sit down and write a blog post I’ve wanted to write for ages!

Gardening: the budget edition. I picked up the geraniums for 99p from Homebase and my loafers are £3 from Primark!

About 6 months ago, I well and truly got the gardening bug! Before that, I had never even thought of gardening but when we moved into our new home (more on that in this post), the garden area (albeit it small) was beautiful.

A  few months later, however, the plants had died (who knew you had to water them!) and my husband had spent a day cutting down all the weeds and dead plants. It all looked a bit empty and dull and I couldn’t face looking at a bare space when before I’d had a beautiful, tranquil, space to eat my breakfast (or, let’s be honest, take photos for my Instagram of my breakfast and then going back indoors to watch This Morning.) It sounds crazy but the lack of flowers really did make a difference to my mindset- especially when I was working from home most days. 

So, I decided it was time to do something about it.

My beautiful plant from Suttons  It is supposed to be perennial- which means it lasts even after the summer months. Fingers crossed!

Although I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, being out in the fresh air and shovelling soil was strangely relaxing. In fact, as I dug and dug, I realised it was the first time in absolutely ages that I’d been totally dedicated to a task without any distractions. No thoughts or to do lists running through my head. No notifications on my phone every five minutes. That in itself was enough to give me the bug!

            Loving life in my garden- although am pretty sure the plants behind me are dead.

After the sheer exhaustion you feel after gardening (in a good way, I promise), the next thing I truly loved was actually seeing your work come to fruition.

When you spend all your time writing from home, it’s often hard to have a day when you fully feel you’ve accomplished something. Sure, you may have got tons of views on the latest post but you suddenly realise you haven’t tweeted for a week and nobody is replying to your emails. It can feel as if you are always waiting to feel like you’ve got it together- but it never quite comes.

Yet with gardening, something grows and even though it might take weeks or even months (the small pink flower below was planted in May so I had given up home), you really do feel an immense amount of pride seeing something you grew with your own two hands. It’s genuinely so exciting to check my plants each day and see which ones have bloomed.

Making the most of my one growing flower by using it for every Instagram shot!

I have tried all kinds of meditation apps, colouring books and mantas. And while I do find some sense of calm, getting out in my garden and getting my hands dirty is one of the few things to actually quieten my mind!

I know this post is different than most, but I do hope you enjoyed it! I’d love to hear all of your experiences of getting out in your garden and whether it has helped your anxiety.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way and is just me sharing my love for gardening.When I posted on social about gardening, Suttons kindly offered to send me a plant to snap. 

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  1. January 5, 2018 / 2:40 pm

    As a true gardening lover, I share your view. There is nothing more exciting than seeing the first tiny plant peeking through the soil. As I understand, you’re new at this, so if you’d like you can check this blog for helpful gardening tips – Great post! Hope you and your garden are doing well 🙂

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