Reviewed: Turmeric Vitality, Bio-Fermented Turmeric Food Supplement.

Welcome back to another ‘A Balanced Belly’ reviews post. As we all know, supplements work differently for different people. That’s why I’m always keen on different perspectives from those who have IBD or IBD. This week’s review is from Bexie, who has Crohn’s Disease. Bexie reviewed Turmeric Vitality (a probiotic, turmeric drink) to see if it helped her symptoms and inflammation levels. Please note, our testers are provided with the product for free but are under NO obligation to give anything but a completely honest review (The good, the bad and the ugly!)


What is Turmeric Vitality?

This product is a turmeric supplement.  It is a liquid form of turmeric that is enhanced with live cultures – 8 carefully selected strains that are found in the gut, which claims to improve and increase absorption properties.

Because I have an autoimmune condition, I did consult with my dietician prior to taking this product and as my digestive system was sensitive at the time and prone to blockages following invasive surgery, I was advised to wait in case the supplement caused bloating and gas, which can occur when taking probiotics.  When I got the go ahead, I took 15mls of this product for 30 days and here is what I found.



The flavour I trialled was forest berry flavour and it was very pleasant.  The product was fruity, had enough sweetness and you could also taste the deep, earthy and peppery flavour of the turmeric and black pepper.  It was certainly a product that has a kick and clears your throat, but not in an unpleasant way.  The product is also 99% sugar-free, however, I felt the product did not have that artificial taste, as most sweetened products can have.

Allergies, intolerances and diet preferences

I am no expert in reading ingredients, but I was pleasantly surprised to not read those ingredients that contain the whole alphabet.  My diet preference is to “eat as close to the ground” and loved the fact that this product contained turmeric, ginger, black pepper, papaya leaf and fruit extract, elderberry, maqui berry, forest berry mix and glycerol.  All ingredients that I know and can read.  The supplement is also suitable for gluten and dairy free and also vegan and paleo friendly. 

Probiotic side effects. 

As I have a diagnosis of Crohn’s, I am careful about the products I am willing to test due to my tummy being more sensitive and having previously had a bad experience with probiotics.  So I did consult my dietician about this product. 

My dietician commented that she found no contraindications with the ingredients listed, however in my case specifically, because I was having complex issues, being TPN fed and underweight, she suggested I tried this product once I was back on a full, varied diet. 

She also warned of side effects that could occur and cause discomfort such as bloating.  So I did wait until the time was right and I am pleased to report that for me, I experienced no adverse side effects or bloating when taking this product.  However, I have found since taking this product, I have been able to increase my fruit and vegetable intake, which could be a coincidence in relation to my condition being settled or due to the probiotics. 


Turmeric properties

It is well publicised that turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.  As I was having regular, monthly blood tests at the time, I took this product purposely for 30 days to coincide my routine blood tests.  Having looked at my inflammation levels, I found that these had gone down very slightly – CRP levels going from 11.6mg/L – 10.8mg/L. Could I say this product helped to reduce my inflammation levels?  Maybe given I am on no medication to control my Crohn’s currently, however, I would also say possibly not as my inflammation levels were decreasing before taking this product following my surgical intervention. 


I have enjoyed taking this product and have enjoyed the taste.  I have found it more beneficial for me to take liquid products than tablets in general, therefore this is a product that has suited my needs in relation to absorption. I have enjoyed this product so much, I have bought another bottle to continue its use (the papaya flavour is just as beautiful!) and I continue to enjoy a wide, varied diet with no restrictions on my choice of amount of fruit and veg. 

I have also found the price reasonable at £17.  Although I have not found the turmeric properties having any clear effect on my health I believe this is because of my condition, therefore someone without an autoimmune illness may find it more effective.  However, I do believe that this is the easiest probiotic I have ever sampled, therefore my choice in continuing taking this supplement is more based on this and I believe this could potentially be a good, mild way to introduce probiotics to a sensitive gut.  


Where to buy it?

You can buy the turmeric vitality drink in Papaya or Berry on Amazon; for just under £17.


This post contains affiliate links. Our blogger received the item for free but there was no expectations of a positve review.


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