Coeliac Awareness Week: 15 Things Coeliac Disease Is Not

This is my second post for Coeliac Awareness. In the first post, I talked about 8 things you may not know about coeliac disease. Today’s post does the opposite: rather than tell you what coeliac disease is let’s talk about and make clear what it is not.

Coeliac disease is NOT….

  1. An allergy to gluten.
  2. An intolerance.
  3. Something Gwyneth Paltrow invented.
  4. Something that you can ‘grow out of’.
  5. Something that has an instant cure.
  6. Something that means you can have a ‘small amount of gluten’ or follow ‘a low gluten diet’.
  7. Just about having an upset stomach. In fact, some patients can go undiagnosed for a long time since they don’t have this ‘classic symptom.’
  8. Always resolved by a gluten-free diet (See my post on why many coeliacs suffer from milk intolerances and this one on other possible food that you may find difficult if you are a coeliac. There is also something called Refractory coeliac disease in which patients do not feel better after a strict gluten free diet.
  9. Something where ‘you feel a bit bloated’.
  10. Something that only skinny people have.
  11. Something that helps with weight loss.
  12. Rare- 1 in 100 people have it (but since only 24% are diagnosed; it’s likely to be a lot higher)
  13.  Easily diagnosed (Nope! The average time taken for diagnosis is 13 years)
  14. Diagnosed by the patient following a gluten-free diet (In fact, the opposite is true- you need to eat gluten consistently for six weeks for it to work)
  15. Resolved by cooking food at high temperatures- yes I’ve actually heard that one!


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Make sure you share the right information: coeliac’s disease is an autoimmune disease that has a range of symptoms. It is a lifelong condition but unfortunately, only 24% of people are diagnosed– leaving many sufferers out there unwittingly eating gluten every day. Find out more about coeliac awareness week here.

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