12 Free Health+Wellness Resources I’ve Been Loving This Month

Happy Tuesday everybody, I hope you had a lovely bank holiday Monday! Today I wanted to create a blog post that lists lots of free resources that you might find helpful when learning about health and wellness or if you are a fellow health blogger looking to grow your blog. I started studying nutrition years ago and my love for finding good content on health and wellness has just grown and grown. I know lots of people want to learn more about the topic but books don’t come cheap. Today I just wanted to share with you everything I’ve been reading, watching and listening to- hope it’s useful!

My favourite magazines

A few months ago, I signed up for a trial of Readly*  which is a magazine app that allows you to read lots of magazines on your kindle and phone for free. I must admit I much prefer to read paper copies of magazines but I was easily spending £30 a month on magazines and thought this might be a good solution!  The idea is you sign up for a trial (if you are reading, you can grab a completely free 30-day trial here) and then after that, it’s £7.99 a month. I discovered so many new magazines during this trial and saved lots of money too! So here are my faves….


  • Thrive : a beautifully presented quarterly wellness magazine with the emphasis on food and health as opposed to fitness.Probably my favourite find of the month!
  • Psychologies: I love Psychologies; it’s such a fab mag if you are looking for tips and tricks for self-care.
  • Eat Healthy:- This is great for just easy to prepare, simple recipes with no fads! They had a really informative feature on Crohn’s recently which I loved. 
  • Women’s Health: A little too much fitness content for my liking but still love it.

 For those interested, other magazines you can read free on the trial are: Glamour, Top Sante, Natural Health, Health and Fitness, Heat, Closer. The list is endless and there are so many health and wellness magazines on there (and trashy celeb ones; should that be your thing!)

My Favourite Podcasts

I have been driving a lot to work and meetings recently and found myself getting frustrated at all this wasted time! So I decided to download some podcasts to listen to on the way! I actually look forward to my drives now as I feel like I’m learning something as I drive: the ultimate multi-tasker!

  • Soulful PR and Wellpreneur are both podcasts aimed at those with blogs and small business who want to grow their audience- as a health blogger and Nutritional Therapist, I found the advice so invaluable.  Soulful PR is based in the UK while Wellpreneur focuses specifically on health bloggers and is a bit more US centric. They both have lots of tips on everything from Instagram to dealing with journalists!
  • The Whole and Healthy Live Podcast: A podcast centred around health and wellness; run by two of my fave health bloggers. I was lucky enough to be featured in episode 9 so go have a listen!
  • Bulletproof Radio: A US centred podcast about health and wellness.
  • Happier with Gretchen Ruben I love Gretchen’s books and this podcast is such a lovely exploration of trying to make the most of every drop of life.


My Favourite Blogs

I love finding new health blogs to follow, so if you are into health, wellness and gut health (and if you’re not, then why you are reading this blog!) then have a read of these:

  • A Belly Full Of: Bryony is a fellow Crohn’s sufferer and blogs about ‘food, health and happiness’ she has such a positive outlook and great recipes too!
  • Hello Wellness: This is part blog, part shops and it contains some of the most beautifully curated wellness items you’ve ever seen: think water bottles infused with gemstones and hygge sweaters. I just love it.
  • Girl in Healing: Alexa is a fellow chronie and has created a beautiful website chronicling her journey into studying Nutritional Therapy and Paleo recipes. 

I’d love to know what your favourite resources are? Got a blog, podcast or magazine you’d really recommend? Let me know….


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