On the eve of World IBD Day, I always try to write posts that will help create a bit of discussion; post that will get us talking! Last year I decided to blog about ten problems of IBD that nobody talks about and this time I wanted to set out to find a way to get conversations flowing. I always see a lot of negativity around conversations with family and friends. I know it can be frustrating when people ask things like ‘are you better yet?’ and ‘you look well’– but I honestly believe these misconceptions come out of lack of conversations rather than deliberate lack of empathy. Therefore, in this blog post- I’ve created a guide for friends and family of IBD Patients. Please feel free to share far and wide-… View Post

  Good Morning! World IBD Day is nearly upon us! I’ll be sharing lots of content like last year (you can read my World IBD Day: 10 Problems of IBD That Nobody Talks About here)  But today I’m kicking things off with an exciting giveaway to offer as part of World IBD Day!    What You Can Win A copy of my book: Managing IBD- A Balanced Approach to Inflammatory Bowel Disease (you can also read the first chapter for free and find out about stockists here) This covers everything from anxiety to medication to supplements- with lots of input from an IBD nurse and a therapist. A bag of my favourite peppermint tea from Teapigs. Perfect for stomach cramps. A fantastic Ossa organics bone broth hamper (this includes 2… View Post

Today, I need to get something off my chest. I am never one to offend those in the gut health community and although I have Crohn’s myself, this website is very much about all different approaches to gut health and aims to support those with a variety of different conditions. However, since I have started offering nutrition consultations one word is coming up again and again: FODMAP. Let’s go back to the beginning… Now I’ve known about FODMAP for a good few years or so- I was introduced to the concept by the lovely Samantha who runs The Gut Health Empire. When we first met, Samantha was extremely well informed on all things FODMAP; she even tracked down the testing team in Australia which confirmed she was indeed intolerant to FODMAP.… View Post