For a health blogger, I don’t post as much about exercise as I like. I did blog about my return to exercise after surgery but it’s something I find difficult to stick at consistently. My favourite type is yoga and pilates: I love the effect it has on my body and I feel so much more relaxed and strong after a session! However, I am seriously uncoordinated. As a result, when I go to in person classes, I am really self-conscious and I feel like I am completely out of synch with the rest of the group (is it just me or does anyone else always seem to go left when everyone else goes right?) So today, I thought I would share what does work for me when I do yoga, Make sure… View Post

  One of the most common questions I get asked is about the best probiotics for IBD or IBS. As I’ve written about before, most probiotics have been proven to not survive the stomach acid in the gut; rendering them useless. VSL#3, a probiotic that is one of the few that does have evidence behind it suggesting it can make a real impact, got in touch with me and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing it. After hearing lots of good things about it (it is even prescribed by doctors in the US for IBD), I was intrigued as up until now I’ve mainly relied on trying to introduce probiotic foods (mainly sauerkraut: more in this blog post) What is VSL#3?  VSL#3 is a poly-biotic food supplement, known for its high… View Post

    Today is another nutrition article and I am going to be tackling vitamin D aka the sunshine vitamin. I figured this might be the perfect time to tackle the vitamin since the weather is so miserable right now. As always, I will be explaining how this vitamin works, how it is linked to the gut and some simple tips on improving your vitamin D intake. What is Vitamin D and what does it do? Vitamin D is a vitamin that is largely responsible for promoting calcium absorption in the intestinal tract and bones.  Vitamin D is manufactured in our bodies but it only does this through sunlight making contact with the skin or sometimes through food (more on this later). Vitamin D deficency is becoming increasingly common in England… View Post