Today I am blogging about the psychological impact of IBD Why did I pick this topic? Well quite frankly my timeline is full of posts about the fatigue, the pain, the ulcers and all the horrendous physical aliments we have to suffer with. Yet there is very little about the rest of it:  With UC and crohn’s disease anxiety, worry, guilt, loneliness and  despair– all of the emotions that IBD causes us on a regular basis.  It seemed even more relevant to post this since I’m in flare-territory an am currently feeling all of the above. For me, the psychological impact is just as important as the physical one. First up let’s talk anxiety.A recent study found that people with crohn’s were twice as likely to suffer with anxiety.At first… View Post

If there is one thing I’ve learnt about my journey with a digestive disease, it’s that diagnosis is the loneliest of times.  It’s a time when we feel so many different emotions struggle to find support and just can’t adapt to our new way of life. Most days I have messages from people- whether they have coeliac disease or Crohn’s- saying they’ve just been diagnosed and they don’t know what to do. In my opinion, there’s just not enough support post-diagnosis! People who are diagnosed coeliac disease are often given the impression they’ll feel better instantly and receive very little medical support. It’s no wonder, people can end up ‘cheating’ on the diet at first: partly due to it still being a bit of a minefield and partly because the… View Post

Recently, one of the most common questions I’ve been asked is all about the power of plant-based. Specifically: can going vegan can help IBD? Given my recent discussions of the low residue diet and the low FODMAP diet, I thought it was a good idea to tackle veganism head on. Before we get stuck in, I’d just to make clear that the post isn’t a discussion of ethical issues surrounding a vegan diet. Instead, it’s an overview of the benefits and drawbacks of following a vegan diet with Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative colitis-in relation to your disease and symptoms. Why might people go vegan with IBD? Again, moral issues aside, there are many reasons people may explore a vegan diet for Crohn’s disease and UC. -They notice that they feel… View Post