As this week is World Continence Week, I’m sharing some important content from NRS Healthcare and an interview they have with an ulcerative colitis patient. I’ll be doing my bit by sharing on social media and getting involved…. Around one in four people encounter bowel or bladder instability during their lives, so to show support for World Continence Week, NRS Healthcare has created a guide confronting the unspoken subject of men’s incontinence. The guide explains and tackles: the different types of incontinence (stress, urge, faecal, mixed, overflow and nocturnal enuresis) what can cause incontinence (diseases, medications, injury in the spine, damage to the bladder) excuses that people are likely to give when avoiding getting a diagnosis common situations those living with incontinence might find themselves in how to deal with these… View Post

  The sunshine is well and truly here. While for the first day or two, we happily embraced beer gardens and flip flops, it’s becoming more and more annoying. In fact, it’s more than being a bit hot and sweaty- it’s actually making us feel terrible. But why? Is there anything tangible that proves that hot weather makes IBD worse? Can soaring temperatures really make our Crohn’s and Ulcerative colitis flare up? And what on earth should we do about it? Let’s find out. Why is my IBD worse in the hot weather? First of all, hot weather can put a strain on our bodies in a number of ways.  We sweat more which means we lose more fluids and are therefore more prone to dehydration. We might struggle with keeping… View Post

With the weather improving and the summer holidays just around the corner, I have been enjoying sitting outside in my garden and doing absolutely nothing but reading a good book. I haven’t done book reviews on here for ages (well, with the exception of my own book, which I’d give 5/5 of course) and thought it was high time that changed! So I’ve decided that each month, I’ll aim to share at least one (hopefully more) book review- all linked to gut health and wellness. Hopefully, you’ll get involved too- I’m looking for recommendations and for you to share your opinions! So, let’s begin. This month’s balanced belly book club review is….. The Good Gut Guide by Liz Earle. The Good Gut Guide by Liz Earle What is it? The Good… View Post