I’ve always been a bit of a herbal tea lover- being dairy free means our hot drink choices can be limited otherwise!-but recently I’ve been enjoying experimenting with new flavors and blends! Peppermint is always my fail-safe but I thought I’d dedicate this blog post to sharing a few more tea blends I’ve been loving this month.   1.TEA REX  Wakey Wakey TEA REX (Get it?!) are a brand new tea company that I’m really excited about and are not like anything I’ve seen before! You receive a box of cold-pressed pouches- which contain your tea ingredients (the one I’m loving is a combination of fresh turmeric, lemongrass, and ginger) which you then keep refrigerated. You use a supplied filter to brew (it’s actually really straightforward)it-and it tastes exactly… View Post

Today I’m back with a new Valentine’s themed recipe-and a gorgeous gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free one the team at Splenda have shared with me! If you’re anything like me, you might be slightly addicted to Booja Booja- the insanely good (but insanely expensive) vegan chocolate truffles. Well if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to that this Valentine’s Day and you’re still looking to gift your ‘free from’ companion someone special- then this recipe for your very own vegan chocolate coconut truffles is the perfect solution! They look incredibly decadent, but they’re actually really easy to make (I promise!) and you will only need a handful of everyday ingredients to make them! You’ll just need to make sure you remember to find time to leave these in the fridge-as they do… View Post

  So today I wanted to talk about fistulas. If you don’t know, about two years ago I had a fistulatomy. It was something I didn’t talk much about this at the time, as it’s quite difficult to explain. It’s not even something everyone with IBD knows about! Let alone those who don’t have it! But recently, I opened up about it over on Metro online and wrote ‘What it’s like to live with a fistula-the IBD Problem nobody talks about‘. If I’m completely honest, I had wanted to write something for Crohn’s and Colitis week and I felt like I’d written about so many things already-I was kind of out of ideas! I had no idea the impact it would have-it was in the top 5 articles that we’re… View Post