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Welcome to A Balanced Belly: A blog about healthy living, advice on gut health and free from recipes. As an Inflammatory Bowel Disease sufferer and  Nutritional Therapist  I wanted to create a site that helped people with all kinds of gut issues: from coeliac disease to IBS to Crohn’s (which I suffer with) and UC. You’ll find advice on everything from how intolerances work to how to get a good night sleep! It’s your one-stop blog for living a balanced and healthy life.

Looking for information on my nutrition consultation services? Click here for services I offer locally in Henley in Arden and here for online advice.

My Books

My first print book: Managing IBD  is now available! A guide for living life with IBD, it covers everything from travel to anxiety to supplements. I am so proud that it also has contributions from a fantastic IBD nurse (who provides vital medical info) and EFT specialist Sally Baker (to suggest tips for anxiety management) . It can be purchased from Amazon , Foyles or Hammersmith Health’s website. You can also read the first chapter for free here.

I also have two free ebooks available for download: Juicing for Digestive Health  and IBD Flare- Up: Your 24 Hour Guide


 Blog Categories

Gut Health/IBD GuidesFor those with IBD or other gut issues, check out my guides- with everything from tips to probiotics, to living life with inflammatory bowel disease and how to deal with stomach pain.



Recipes: Gluten and dairy free dishes         

I feature a range of anti-inflammatory, gut friendly recipes which are adaptable to Low-Residue and also free of gluten and dairy. My gut friendly smoothies are very popular!

living with ibd       

Looking for healthy gluten free recipes+ nutrition advice?
Then join up to my A Balanced Belly community- each week youll get an email crammed full of nutrition advice and gluten+dairy free recipes sign up for the here!


 Nutrition advice 

There’s lots of nutrition advice on the web but mine is tailored to those with gut issues- tackling topics such as the best gut supplements, the link between IBD and Vitamin D and more.



Want to get in touch? Drop me an email at . If you are looking for nutrition advice head to my nutrition services page. If you are a brand wanting to chat about my site head to my work with me page.

Site Supporters

Image result for brings you all the information you need on crohn’s disease, IBS and acid reflux.

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