March Favourites

Can you believe it’s almost April? Spring is definitely here (I even left my coat at home the other day; exciting times!) and therefore, it’s time for another favourites post! As usual, my favourites always have a healthy theme and you can read last month’s Favourite post here.

First up: reading. The lovely Holly June (whose blog I will link later in the post) recommend Big Magic to us at Blognix. I am a big Elizabeth Gilbert fan but was worried that this would be a bit alienating (e.g. along the lines of those books who people quit their jobs to write at a yoga retreat- some of us have mortgages to pay!) but it is actually very funny and explores the idea of being creative in small ways. I am really enjoying it so far. I also ordered another Lissa Rankin book as I really enjoyed Mind Over Medicine (which I mentioned in my Evening Routine blog). All her books consider the role of our minds play in chronic illnesses, which I find fascinating.



Second up is a charity who is doing some really great work for Crohn’s disease- so I thought I’d use a spot on my March Favourites page to give them a big shout out!




You may have heard of For Crohn’s from their yearly 10K in Hyde Park but there’s lots of services they can offer those with crohn’s that may be of interest. First up, is their buddy scheme where you are paired up with another crohn’s sufferer to offer support to each other by email. Another is the fact they spend all their money on research and publish this information on their site. I found this study on Vitamin D really interesting  since I’ve blogged before about the role of supplements in IBD and this is something I’m finding increasingly interesting to read about. There’s lots of research ongoing too: such as the role of gut bacteria and Infliximab Antibodies. We often talk cures but it is great to see actual research being undertook about the different areas of IBD.

Next up, the lovely folk at Thrivo ( remember to enter my giveaway to win a Thrivo box here!) sent me a box of their latest products and I fell in love with Elderbrook squash*! I can never have squash as the sugar/artificial sweeteners upset my stomach without fail- but these contain purely natural ingredients; mine was Mango and Passionfruit Puree.elderbrookThis is the first squash I found without added sugar and it’s perfect for jazzing up water! I also noticed they’re offering their first bottle for £1 if you sign up to Thrivo (It’s free and I’m not making money from this link; I just love a bargain!) While we are on the subject of drinks, I have finally found that you can purchase fresh turmeric at Ocado! So I’ve been making my favourite anti-inflammation tea again: turmeric and ginger, chopped and left for 10 minutes in hot water. My new wake-up drink.




Finally, here’s my round up of my favourite blogs this month:

  1. Hey Holly June: Holly did an amazing speech for all of us at Blognix and is an expert on time management for creatives!
  2. February Stars- An amazing wellness blog about living with Fibromalgia
  3.  XOXO Chronie Girl– There aren’t many of us IBD bloggers out there but Daisy has been blogging since being diagnosed last year. She writes really honestly about IBD.
  4. Coeliac Sanctuary– A great guide for those who are gluten free. Their new post on M&S new Gluten Free products is great!


  1. March 23, 2016 / 3:42 pm

    Oh those squashes sound delicious and im a sucker for a pretty bottle too!! lol

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