Gadget Show 2016: The 5 Best Health Tech Stands

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Today I visited the Gadget Show Live Press event with the sole aim of tracking down the best health technology out there. It was so exciting to see new technology arising; with the possibility of measuring our heart rates, body temperatures and sleep patterns! There’s no doubt that all of this is going to have a huge impact on our lives and hopefully help people living with a chronic condition manage their health as efficiently as possible. Today I want to share my 5 best health picks for The Gadget Show. If you are heading there this weekend, make sure you check them out!


  1. Kito+ (Stand C100, available online:

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Kito is a phone case that also doubles up as a tracker; logging your vital health information. It measures 5 key areas (ECG, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Skin Temperature and Respiration Rate). There’s lots of standard fitness trackers on the market but this was the first I’d seen that gives you such a wide-range of health information: the perfect product for those wanting to take control of their health. I can really see this product being rolled out in use with GPs and healthcare providers in the future as it allows patients to store all this doctor and then of course seek help if needed.


2. I Fit (Stand J120 and online at

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IFit are your one-stop zone for all kinds of amazing health tech. This duo watch (pictured above; out next year) is perfect for health-conscious gymgoers. The one side is a traditional (seriously on-trend) analogue but when flipped the other side is where you can access all your vital statistics. Not stopping there, IFit are launching the ultimate product: an IFit matress that helps track sleep data and even helps regulate your body temperature as you sleep.

3. Vitamix (Stand H140, Avaliable online and at many major retailers)

Health conscious folk are no strangers to the vitamix but the demonstrations are well worth a visit. Our demonstrator showed us how to whip up everything from a Thai Soup to a cashew ice-cream and left me feeling really inspired. A pricey gadget but considering it can do about a million different things; it’s well worth it.


4. Clickheat (Stand M70, Avaliable from or amazon

These very simple but amazingly convenient heating pads are a real solution if you suffer from aches and pains. Many of us find it frustrating to wait for a heating pad to heat up or having something on hand when we’re out and about. Clickheat activates by simply pressing a small coin inside the device and is hot within around 5 seconds. I am definitely keeping this in my handbag in case of a stomach ache.

5. Withings (Stand D22, John Lewis and Argos)

Another fitness company that offer all kinds of aesthetically pleasing high tech gadgets. This gorgeous Active Pop watches look high fashion but instead track your fitness info.


These scales use WIFI to connect to your IPhone and track your BMI.



So that’s my round up of the latest health tech out there; would you use any of these? Do you find technology important for managing your health? I’d love to hear your experiences below.







  1. March 31, 2016 / 6:54 pm

    It’s so amazing the things that tech can do these days. Whilst I’m not into health and fitness, that heating pad has peaked my interest very much. I suffer with chronic pain and anything that portable and useful needs more investigation! x

    • Healthyglobetrotting
      April 1, 2016 / 11:05 am

      yes- i’ve had lots of people ask me about the heating pad as I struggle with crohn’s pain. I’m going to update the blog when I get more info on it as I am finding it hard to track down!

    • Healthyglobetrotting
      April 1, 2016 / 11:05 am

      me too -their designs are gorgeous!

    • Healthyglobetrotting
      April 5, 2016 / 3:07 pm

      going to be trying it out soon! I can’t wait!

  2. September 7, 2016 / 11:47 am

    I purchased that heating pads last week as I’ve started to get stiff and tired shoulders after long hard days at work. Its really very easy to use,. Thanks for sharing wonderful new stuff here.

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