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It seems crazy that June is already here and father’s day is just around the corner! If you’re a regular reader of mine, you’ll know I loved doing my Christmas gift guides- so today I thought I’d create one for father’s day. I have such a close relationship with my parents-even more so since moving to the countryside and living really close to them-that father’s day is the perfect chance to say thank you for everything my dad does for me (whether it’s helping with the practical side of being self-employed or supporting me through health issues). My husband has also been my absolute rock this past month or so, so I’m also planning on getting him a little something to say thank you (and being a great ‘pup daddy’ to our two dogs!)

Today, I’ve teamed up with Braun to share my ultimate father’s day guide. Forget socks and boxes of chocolate-these gifts are all something that little bit special and the perfect way to say ‘thanks, dad!’ 

The Groomer: Braun Series 3 ProSkin

I actually bought this for my brother a year or so ago and he loved it so much that I know the other two men in my life would love it too. At under £50, it’s a fantastic value shaver that also does so much more than a regular one. It’s great for those in a hurry as the micro comb it uses promises to capture more hair in the first stroke-making it much more efficient as less time is spent shaving (and, as a result, the skin is less likely irritated). It’s 100% waterproof so for those traditional fathers who love a wet shave with foam; you can use this with it too!

Talking of irritation, the blades are also perfect for those who suffer from sensitive skin ( both my husband and father have this) as they adapt to pressure and therefore can offer a much gentler shave. If you press too hard, the blades automatically retract to prevent your skin from being irritated; reducing the risk of any cuts. Finally, if your other half finds shaving areas like around the mouth and under the nose tricky; the Braun Series ProSkin has a middle trimmer for difficult hair (along with a precision trimmer which can be used for things like moustaches and sideburns). It’s the shaver that does it all!

The Foodie in Your Life

Image Source:Decadent Decaf Coffee Co

Dad a bit of a coffee lover? Then this ‘Decadent Decaf Coffee co‘ bags are just a little bit more special than his regular instant. It’s a complete decaf brand (so great as a gentle hint for those who need to cut out the caffeine) and uses a chemical-free, environmentally friendly method to make each of their blends! Beautifully packaged and beautifully made.

If the dad you’re treating is more about good food than his coffee, I love The Man Boxes by Ross and Ross. They have a range of foodie boxes for father’s day with everything from beer, to meats and snacks!


Subscription Boxes

Image Source:Secret Scent Box

One of my favourite things to do is to gift a subscription to something. I am a massive subscription box lover (it’s so exciting having something new turn up in the post!) and it’s nice to gift something that they’ll receive month after month. Here’s a few that are perfect for father’s day…

  • Time Monthly: Each month, your loved one will receive a watch in the post. At £24 it’s extremely good value for money (this month’s box was worth £99!) and a fab idea for fashion-conscious fathers (although I’m not sure mine would need one each month; I’d definitely consider giving one month a try).
  • Secret Scent Box Their men’s scent box sends three surprise fragrances (enough to last thirty days) each month-and plans start from only £13 a month.
  • The Summerton Club An aged spirit subscription box; which promises to deliver rare and unique spirits to your door (and one’s you wouldn’t find at the supermarket!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed my father’s day gift guide. Whatever you plan to buy this Sunday, I hope you have an amazing day!

*This is a collaborative post with Braun*

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