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Today’s post is an attempt to combine about a hundred different things I want to talk about it one blog post! It’s been a busy month- I’ve been to the Allergy and Free From Show, a press event in London and I launched my second blog: www.thebloglancer.co.uk.  I discovered lots of new food products, blogs and skincare bits. So much so, that I wanted to put it all into one mammoth blog post! Sometimes as bloggers, we often review products in exchange for receiving items, and while that’s great, we can lose sight of finding the time of opening our laptops and just raving about things we can’t get enough of! So, here goes- my mammoth list of items I have been obsessed with this July.


Hippeas Cheese&Love

I have been a fan of Hippeas since forever. For those of you who don’t know, they’re organic chickpea puffs that are pretty much vegan gluten free wotsits! However, they’ve upped their game even more with their new ‘cheese and love’ (which yes is also vegan despite its title!). I have been living off these! You can buy the larger bags in Waitrose and the smaller ones in Boots and Whole Foods.

Bumble Zest 

Bumblezest are amazing health shots that you dilute with water. They sent me these for an Instagram post a while ago and my favourite was definitely ginger, turmeric, collagen! These 3 ingredients are vital for gut health so I loved that they were all in one shot. I’ve been trying to get my hands on some more but they’re pretty new so it’s a case of keeping your eyes peeled.

Venice Bakery Flatbreads

Venice Bakery is an online bakery that does amazing gluten free wraps and pizzas. I discovered them at the Allergy Show a few weeks ago and was really excited to see they’d ventured out to flatbreads too! They’re 4 for £4 but they’re the perfect size for me and their ingredient list is so much healthier than the average gluten free pizza base.

Teapigs Snooze Sleep Tea



Image result for teapig snooze tea

Teapigs are always my favourite brand of tea but they’ve brought out a whole new range recently. I’ve already used up a whole box of their sleep tea– which is a combo of apple and mint. So yummy and relaxing. You can buy it here.


Active Foods (Bulk Powders) Cashew Butter

Image result for bulk powder cashew nut butter

I am getting through a ridiculous amount of nut butter and a standard jar would last less than a week. So, I decided to bite the bullet and buy in bulk! This massive tub of cashew butter by Bulk Powders at Amazon is £10.99 and lasts ages! Honestly, you need two hands to lift it! So, I would wholeheartedly recommend as it’s saving me a fortune.You can buy it here.

Livia’s Kitchen Biccy Bombs

Image result for olivia kitchen biccy bombs

Another amazing Allergy and Free From Show Discovery. They’re gluten free, dairy free, plant based and taste exactly like a Twix! Where I live, there are hardly any stockists of them which is really annoying! 

Supplements and Natural Skincare

Sukin Detoxifying Clay Masque

Image result for sukin super greens mask

Honestly, Sukin has been my best discovery ever. I purchased the super greens face scrub from Holland and Barretts  first of all because I have been suffering massively with hormonal outbreaks on my skin (separate post about this soon I think). It was the only thing that made any impact at all, so I was really excited when the super green detoxifying face mask landed through my letterbox to try out. It smells absolutely divine and is a thick creamy, natural mask which again as been so helpful to my skin. It is jammed packed full of actual superfoods too! (I may not be able to eat kale but I can put it on my skin, hurrah!) You can buy all of the range here at Holland and Barrets.

Better You Magnesium Soak

Image result for better you magnesium soak

Another day, another mention of Better You Magnesium! I am just genuinely blown away by their products and they actually emailed me some really exciting research (in response to one of you guys who asked if their transdermal products were beneficial with an ileostomy). I am hoping to type that info up soon into a separate blog post but for the moment, I have been using their Magnesium Flakes poured into their inflatable foot bath (yes this is real and amazing)! It is such an easy way to relax and get Magnesium into your body without taking a supplement. So, first of all, you blow up the foot bath (which you can buy here)  then you pop the flakes in to the bath (buy here from Amazon or here from Holland and Barrets) and soak!

Bulk Powder Psyllium Husk


Image result for bulk powdered psyllium husk

I’ve been chatting to a lot of you about fibre this week. Psyllium Husk works for both constipation and diarhea suprisingly and it’s definitely the best form of fibre to help gently support your colon (I always recommend this over other fibre supplements) I bought this Bulk Powders one from Amazon   but you can also buy at any health store or Holland and Barrets (this one has added probiotics and is currently half price!)


Conquer Your Year


Related image

I love things like this. It is essentially a journal really but it’s a space to jot down your goals-for both your career, relationships and wealth. It has a weekly planner section too, which I love- so it’s like two books in one! You can buy on Amazon.  If you have a business, I’d also recommend The Conquer Kit, which is more wealth and business goals orientated.

Mind Over Medicine



I bought this book years ago (hence the not so fab pic- before my photo editing days) but dug it back out again to help a friend who is having chemo. Dr Lissa Rankin is amazing and I’d definitely recommend giving her TED Talk a watch.

Liz Earle Wellbeing

This is my favourite magazine ever! Finally, a magazine that doesn’t just give fitness tips but really looks at all aspects of wellness. I only wish it wasn’t quarterly. I also am a massive fan of her Good Gut Guide which I reviewed here.


As always, here are a few blogs I am loving at the moment.

www.theplantifulchef.com -a plant based crohnie with beautiful, beautiful recipes.

www.theweefoddie.com– A low fodmap blog with plenty of character and realistic portrayal of life with IBS.

www.rhiansrecipes.com– I met Rhian in London the other week. Her recipes are gorgeous and super healthy. They’re all plant based, gluten free and often with a Japanese twist.





  1. July 30, 2017 / 11:34 am

    Aw thanks so much for the mention, so sweet of you! Also a lovely round-up – I’ve never tried Hippeas but will definitely be looking out for them!

    • July 31, 2017 / 7:50 am

      Thank you very much for the mention! I am loving both of your blogs, I just wish I discovered them sooner.xx

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