EBOOK: How to Make Money and Work With Brands

Are you a UK blogger who is looking to work with brands but don’t know how to reach out to them?  Would you like to make a steady (or even side income) from your blog but feel like the only guides out there are focused on those with hundred of thousands of views making hundreds of thousands a month? Does it feel like most of the advice you read is from US bloggers and is completely over the top?

Then, learning more about my very first ebook: My Blog to Business: Pitching Toolkit is a must!

What is the blog to business pitching toolkit?

  • A practical 22 page ebook (with printable worksheets) that includes everything you need to start working with brands on reviews and sponsored content.
  • 3 additional BONUS downloads:
    •  tracking pages for each month
    • ‘what should I say’? cheatsheet to help awkward conversation with brands.
    • a ‘packages’ worksheet which explains why you need to put together packages to offer brands and how to create your own.
  • Tips on all stages of the process: from planning a pitch to an email template to use and how to negotiate to get the best deal for your blog.
  • A realistic guide aimed at bloggers who have established their blog but now want to start monetising (whatever their traffic!).

Is it right for me?

  • Is your blog already established? This is not a guide for those who haven’t yet started a blog. Instead, it’s for those of us who are now looking to take the leap to turn their blog into a business or part-time job.
  • Are you based in the UK? There are already so many advice guides out there for those in the US so this is strictly for us Brits!
  • Are you cautious about spending lots of money when you’re not making very little blog income? I have deliberately set my first toolkit at a very reasonable rate (£5.99- this will go up on the 7th July) because when I was starting out, it made no sense to me to spend hundreds of pounds on books and e-courses, when I was rarely making that for the whole of the month! I’ve deliberately set this at a low price point so it means those who need it the most can access it. Remember, any e-learning or resources can be claimed against taxes you earn as expenses: so as soon as you start earning, it will essentially be free!

What makes me the expert?

  • I have been blogging for several years but finally made the leap to turn it into a business and cut down to part-time in my job this September. I now consistently make enough money from my blog to cut down massively on my day job.
  • I started small. I was earning money from opportunities when I only had around 1000 followers/page views per month. I am proof there are opportunities out there for those who have a small to medium audience.
  • I run a Facebook group: A Pitching Guide for UK Bloggers full of advice and support to help everyone get pitching.
 It Worked for Us- Testimonials for UK Bloggers 

Steph from Colitis to Ostomy: I found the Blog to Business: Your Pitching Toolkit to be really useful and easy to understand. It has enabled me to think about how I will approach brands and how to narrow down the brands that fit my blog.My blog is written with young people having ostomies and pregnant women/new moms with an ostomy. 

Becky from The Owlet: Jenna you’re amazing! Just got my first EVER sponsored post thanks to yo. Also after our conversation on Twitter, it’s really helped me come up with blog content. Thank you so much!

Laura from Mum on A Mission

This ebook has given me the confidence to start pitching as well as ideas on who to target and how to find their contact details. Since I read it I’ve successfully pitched to several clients and have recommended this guide to other bloggers too. 

Where can I buy?

Purchase your copy of the Pitching toolkit ebook now! 

If you’re still undecided, you can download the first few pages completely free– to give you an idea before you buy!

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