20 MUST HAVE Dairy Free and Gluten Free Freezer Foods


A guide to the best dairy free and gluten free freezer foods. Perfect to keep in the freezer, these gluten free freezer foods are great for last minute cooking!

We’ve all been there: it’s Friday night and the last thing we fancy is slaving over the stove for an hour. However, if you are gluten and/or dairy free, you’ll know it’s not as easy to simply pick up the takeaway menu –many fast foods are off limits and even if there are free from options, cross-contamination can be a worry. Therefore, today’s post is all about the must-have gluten free freezer foods (that are all dairy free too!) to have on hand when you are exhausted, craving fast food or just can’t be bothered to cook! Stock up on these dairy free and gluten free freezer foodss and never be left without something for dinner.

1.Rule of Crumb Chicken Fillets* (Online and Ocado) After their appearance on dragon’s den, Rule of Crumb showed us it was possible to have amazingly quality gluten free food. Although M&S offer something similar (and admittedly cheaper) -the quality of chicken here is far superior; with no added nasties and one fillet easily serving 2 people (or one very hungry person).  Simply add to a gluten free wrap for a tasty KFC style dinner.

2.Rule of Crumb Breaded Fish* (Online and Ocado)– Rule of Crumb also offer a breaded fish option- perfect for serving            with mushy peas and chips!

3.Amy’s Macaroni Cheese (Most health food shops) If you’ve never tried this, you are missing out! This gluten and dairy free take on Macaroni Cheese is perfect for a cold day when you fancy something indulgent. Make sure you check the packaging as there are two versions: one made with regular cheese and one with rice cheese!

4.Waitrose Essentials Frozen Butternut Squash. Have you ever tried cutting a butternut squash? It is not an  experience you’ll wish to undergo after a day at the office. These super-convenient already chopped pieces can be cooked in the oven straight from the freezer. Just drizzle in olive oil and herbs.

5. Waitrose Duchy Organic Chips. There are plenty of gluten free chips out there but these are the healthiest I’ve found. They have two ingredients: organic potatoes and organic sunflower oil; making them an almost healthy treat.

6.  IKEA Chicken/vegetable meatballs. These were a recent discovery during my recent IKEA trip and I am contemplating going back just to get more! There are two options: chicken meatballs or veggie (made with carrot and kale).  The chicken ones are perfect with gluten free tagliatelle.


KYCKLINGKÖTTBULLAR Chicken meatballs, frozen IKEA Only natural ingredients: chicken, onion, potato starch, salt and spices.


7.   My superfood vegetable Ice Lollies. Sorry for the shameless plug here but my veggie ice lollies are great to have to hand for a sunny day- a perfect way to get your 5 a day!

8.   Chopped Bananas. A great way of using up over ripe bananas; freeze them to make banana ice cream or my anti-inflammatory smoothie.

9.    Tesco Cook From Frozen Sausages There are better gluten free sausages out there but these are cook from frozen: perfect when you are craving a Sunday morning sausage sandwich but forgot to defrost them the night before!

10. MASH Direct Potato Rostis*

I couldn’t believe it when I came across a gluten and dairy free potato rosti that tasted just like the real thing. These huge rostis are actually fairly low in fat too- making them a great side dish for cooked fish or chicken. Mash Direct are a great gluten free brand that makes food fresh on their family farm:offering everything from croquettes to creamy mash (most products are free from dairy products too; just check the label). You can buy them from Ocado or direct.

Another favourite from Mash Direct is 11. Their carrot and parsnip fries!

12. Genius Gluten Free Sausage Rolls (Most Supermarkets) These sausage rolls are the first that are both gluten and dairy free- they can be served straight from the freezer and take 30 minutes in the oven.

13. Genius Gluten Free Bagels (Most Supermarkets) Although there are lots of other bagels out there, I find these the easiest to cut and the softest, most bagel-like product!. Simply slice and the pop in a freezer bag: then toast them and serve with nut butter

14. Tesco Free From Garlic Dough Balls. These dough balls are the perfect compliment to a homemade pizza and taste just like pizza express.

15. Fria Cinamon Buns- from Ocado or Goodness Direct.

16. Jollyum Dairy Free Ice Cream. (Holland and Barrats and other health food stores) There are plenty of gluten/dairy free ice creams but this one of the few I’ve found that are free from any additives or carageenan.



17. Schar Gluten Free Frozen Rolls (Morrisons). Perfect for a sandwich in a hurry!

18. Tesco Gluten and Milk Free Chocolate Sticks. These taste exactly like choc ices!

19. Fria Prosciutto Dairy and Gluten Free Pizza. I just found this on Goodness Direct and it’s the first I’ve seen that is completely dairy free.

20. Asda Lemon and Pepper Cod Dippers Perfect finger food!


I hope you liked my freezer haul! If there’s any more gluten and dairy free products you think I’d like, then let me know below in the comments! And thanks for the lovely folk in the Gluten Free and Me facebook group for helping me with this blog post.

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