Costa launches new range of Christmas vegan+dairy free hot drinks


IT’S CHRISTMAS! Well, not quite but it’s near enough for us to at least start drinking hot drinks with ingredients like toffee, peppermint, gingerbread and chocolate!

However, that’s where us dairy-free folk fall short! Almost all festive drinks are packed with whipped cream and milk-leaving us with a lonely peppermint tea on the menu. Yet, fear not-I’ve got a round-up of the best festive drinks for you to try- whether you’re drinking out or curling up in front of the sofa.

Costa Coffee.


Updated 02/11/18:There are a lot more options than last year.

  • Gingerbread Latte and Ginger Bread Hot Choc. If made with coconut milk, without cream and without gingerbread man, these are gluten free and vegan. Although not sure how gingerbready it is!
  • Blackforest Hot Chocolate. You’ll need to ask for now cream or chocolate swirls and use a dairy-free alternative. It’s then safe for vegans. 
  • Hazelnut Praline Latte. Ask to remove the cream and crispy toffee crumb. It’s then vegan with a dairy-free milk.
  • Orange and Cream Hot Chocolate. I had this today and even without the cream, it tasted amazing!! You just need to order it with no cream and dairy-free milk. The orange flavourings and peel are safe.


  • Bonfire Spiced Latte and Bonfire Cold Brew– both listed as no milk if they are made with coconut or soya milk. UPDATE: NO LONGER AVAILABLE! 🙁
  • Caramel Cortado (to be honest, I’ve got no idea what that is) is listed as no milk if made with coconut or soya milk.
  • Hot chocolate( if made with soya milk).

And of course, their gluten and dairy free mince pies are back again-and bloody delicious!



Starbucks was a bit rubbish last year but this year is better!

  • Ginger Bread Latte is dairy-free when made with coconut/almond/oat milk if you ask for it specifically without the whipped cream.
  • Latte with cinnamon spice doesn’t contain milk when made with dairy-free alternatives.
  • Iced gingerbread latte, Iced maple Latte and Iced Toffee Nut Latte are also safe if made without the whipped cream.
  • They also do a vegan gingerbread frappuccino and actually a lot more frappucinos, I’m just running out of energy to type them all.
  • The classic hot chocolate is safe without cream and with dairy-free alternatives.

Cafe Nero

You can have hot chocolate with soy, oat or coconut milk. And regular coffees of course. But that’s about as exciting as it gets.


At the moment, all that’s listed is their rice-coconut hot chocolate, turmeric latte or matcha latte. I’m not sure if their whole festive range is out yet so I’ll come back and update this!



Last year, I discovered some great make at home chocolate mixes, so thought I’d just give them a mention again before I end the post!

Coco Libre dark chocolate drinking flakes are just like a vegan version of Cadbury’s flake! Simply add 3-4 teaspoons to your favourite hot drink- or just eat from the spoon like I do!

Brontie&Co’s do a super healthy vegan raw hot chocolate. This is one of the healthiest I’ve seen and it’s a combination of organic cacao, organic coconut sugar and superfood powder lucuma!

And finally, Jaz&Jules have some amazing festive flavours and dairy-free ones include gingerbread, cinnamon rose and chocolate orange.


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  1. Olivia
    November 28, 2018 / 9:12 pm

    Peppermint mochas at Starbucks are dairy free with milk substitutes too!

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