Pizza Hut launching dairy free cheese on their pizzas (kind of…)

This is a very quick blog post-just a quick announcement to spread the news!

Pizza Hut have announced they are finally bringing vegan cheese to their pizzas (including their gluten free base).  This isn’t revolutionary, since Pizza Express and Zizzi’s have already done this, but Pizza Hut will be using Violife cheese instead (flavour unconfirmed) 

However, before we get too excited. There’s reports that this actually only a trial. The Independent reports it will run until 26th November and will only be available in…






I’m not sure what it is about these places that scream ‘dairy free people are here’ but depending on how well they do in these five locations, Pizza Hut will then decide whether to run it Nationwide. It’s a step in the right direction but given the excitement of dairy free Ben and Jerrys and dairy free Baileys, we wonder why Pizza Hut are hedging their bets so much?

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