My Yoga Shopping List with RUNA

A while ago I posted about my introduction to yoga. I was using Yogaia’s free online trial (you can still grab it here) and it inspired me to keep up yoga and pilates on a weekly (sometimes daily basis) Today I thought I’d share my experiences of yoga so far- the equipment I’ve been using and the type of yoga I’m doing.


What Yoga I Do

I still pay to do Yogaia’s online yoga:it works out at around £14 a month but considering I like to do yoga at home, I consider this good value. I have toyed with going to online yoga classes but the thing that puts me off its that there is a trend for ‘hot yoga’ at the moment- and the thought of getting sweaty and stretching worries me: I have a fistulotomy wound and I’m still a bit paranoid about aggravating it. I like to go at my own pace and am also extremely uncoordinated so for now: home yoga it is!

What I Wear

The main part of this blog post is to introduce you to RUNA, who kindly sent me a workout outfit to trial. Now- when I saw they were sending leggings and a t-shirt; I was worried they’d be super tight workout leggings in unbreathable (is that a word?) synthetic material that are the trend of the moment. I’m not looking to show off my curves- but to feel confident and comfortable. I am kind of self-conscious of really tight workout gear as I need it to be comfy because of fistulotomy wound (promise, that’s the last time I’ll say ‘fistulotomy in this blog post’!)  Yet, I also am not a massive fan of baggy yoga pants: these leggings turned out to be the perfect compromise!

Me attempting to look like a fitness blogger in action! Top and Leggings in ‘Dubai Dawn’ both from RUNA

It was obvious that the clothes were really good quality- the company pride themselves on the fabric they use and they’re designed by a St Martin’s graduate. The leggings looked tight but were actually super stretchy and REALLY comfortable- making them perfect for yoga, pilates, a full on workout or you know, lounging around at home watching Sky Disney like I’ve been doing today. The design was beautiful too so I’ve often wore them out and about and nobody was none the wiser that I was wearing workout leggings!

Perfect for lounging on the sofa with a (primark) sweater over the top too.

The matching t-shirt was also amazing quality- with flexible but long-wearing fabric (no see through sport bras here!). The range also comes with an oversized sweater which I’ve got my eye on next: perfect for throwing on after a workout!


My Equipment

As I do yoga from home, I don’t use much equipment but I just want to share a discovery that became a complete revelation for me! I was always struggling with yoga mats as I felt my bones dug into the mat: a facebook friend recommended trying a 10mm pilates mat. I picked up one from TK Max and it has honestly made such a difference: I feel so much more comfortable! My only problem is being tall I feel I always hang off the mat! Anyone have this problem? They should make extra long mats for us lengthy ladies!


I’d love to hear how your fitness journey is going- especially those that signed up for the yoga trial? Are you still going with it?


I was sent products from RUNA to review but my opinions remain my own.

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  1. March 31, 2017 / 12:22 pm

    Looks great! Do they have Capri leggings with this print?

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