Why It Took Me Turning Thirty To Start Going After My Dreams

I wanted to write today’s post as a way of reflecting on how far I have come in the last few years- today; on the eve of my book publication date! I have always been a late bloomer in every sense of the word– I didn’t even get my period until I was 16 (yes, 16! Apparently, that’s normal with crohn’s but I didn’t know I had it back then…) and I felt like my late teen years where I should have been having fun and seeing the world, were spent with my head in a textbook, feeling unwell or stressing!

I’ve always felt a few years behind: my ‘gap year’ didn’t come until the end of my twenties (where we truly did it in style and moved to China for a few years) and then it wasn’t until my thirties that I felt like I truly gave myself permission to go after my dreams and,without sounding like an American self-help guru, design a life that I actually wanted.

So, what changed? Well, I actually took action! I have been writing since I was in my early teens- frantically scrawling on pieces of paper and the back of my English book whenever I could. Reading was, and always will be, a sense of escapism to me, and with writing, I could create a world of my own too. Yet, despite doing it for many years, despite scraps of paper turning into a computer and then a snazzy Chromebook– It never occurred to me that I could actually be a writer (that stuff only happened to girls with more confidence and much glossier hair) or indeed that actually showing somebody my writing might be a small step in making that come true.

As I mentioned in my blog about being positive about my IBD; it was only when I turned 30 and subsequently hit rock bottom with my illness, that I felt I had nothing left to lose and put myself out there: sending a proposal to a small health publisher. And, what do you know? My book comes out tomorrow (here if you are interested) and I still don’t believe I ACTUALLY WROTE A BOOK!

It was also in my thirties when I came to the realisation that staying in a situation because of ‘what if’, is just not a viable choice anymore. I stayed in permanent teaching ‘just in case I needed the sick pay or something went disastrously wrong’ but come December, just like that, decided I had enough and went supply- meaning I choose my hours and when I work. I still feel incredibly lucky to be able to do this but remind myself that it only came from making a decision! Shortly after, we decided to rent a beautiful house in the countryside because my ‘what if we should be saving more to buy a house or what if we rent it and then we suddenly lose our jobs or what if I move and I hate it’ just seemed like an utter waste of time!

My thirties was a time to go after my dreams! Including a house in the country with a beautiful red door.

So, while for some your 30s might be a period of settling down, being sensible and making practical decisions- aka not just quitting your job, moving your house and starting a new career!- I seem to have used mine to actually start leading the life I want to. That’s why I Seven Seas #TRUEAGE movement; because I know that in the blogging world we can sometimes feel surrounded by 15yearolds that can do a better flatlay than us, or have incredible make-up techniques (I still can’t apply eyeliner at 31; is it too late?) but it really isn’t never late to live life on your own terms, rather than what people expect us to do. And if you feel as if you haven’t found your groove yet, then that’s fine too-but whether you are in your teens or in your fifties, make 201 the year to live as you want to, not by the age you are!

 My Top Tips For Finally Going After Your Goals (Whatever Your Age) 

Inspiration courtesy of That Lame Company and Seven Seas!

-Surround Yourself with Positivity: One of my fave creations of my 30s has been my little home office; covered it positive quotations (and an on trend cactus or two) A positive print here and there (check out That Lame Company for tons of reasonable choice ones) is sometimes all you need to remind yourself that YOU GOT THIS. Go further and set one as your screensaver so there’s no escaping it!

-Map Out Negative Thoughts: The big issue I had is with simply not believing my goals were achievable and having limiting thoughts such as: ‘I am not good enough to be a writer’ or ‘I should just be happy for what I have and just settle in my job’. To be honest with you, this is still a thing I struggle with almost daily (see my counselling post). I jot down negative thoughts; consider the probability of them being true and try to replace them with a positive one.

-Take Action: Sometimes just taking small steps can make you feel like you are on track- whether it’s just opening up your laptop and writing, or treating yourself to home study course to start pursuing your goal. Taking action is almost always better than doing nothing at all (the exception being Netflix Sundays!)

-Take Care of Your Body: As you know, going after your goals is hard work- it might mean blogging with a full-time job or burning the midnight oil with a textbook. My top tips are to always make time for short bursts of yoga as well as eating and supplementing well. I have mentioned fish oil in previous posts and Cod oil in particular can help with so many health issues: the omega 3s can be super helpful for overall well-being as well as if you are dealing with inflammation like me. Seven Seas cod oil also comes with added vitamin D- which as I discussed in this blog post is so important for gut health, fatigue and supporting your immune system. It’s available at boots and is currently on the 3 for 2 offer too! For those on the hunt for a good multi-vit, they also combine this product with a multivitamin; which is great if you only want to take one supplement.

This post was sponsored by Seven Sea’s who are currently running the #TRUEAGE campaign- you can head to www.Trueage.seven-seas.com for lots more tips on living life on your terms as well as checking them out on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. March 19, 2017 / 1:37 pm

    This is such a great post and so very relevant to me at the moment. I have worked hard to get myself to a position where, come September, I will be out of work and blogging/Youtubing full time. This is a scary prospect at 33, when you have always worked full time, put your responsibilities first and let the sensible side of you win out, especially with such a small following at present. Still, you have to speculate to accumulate right?

    Thank you for putting your perspective out there. I occasionally have wobbles over whether I am doing the right thing and your post has made me feel supported and that I am not alone. My thirties certainly appear not to be the time settling down and being sensible, but I have absolutely made a decision aimed at improving my life and being happy.

    Many congratulations on your book and I hope you are very happy in your new home. x

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