Yay we are at month four (well technically the start of month 5!) I love writing these posts; I know that they are different to my main content but I love showing how many opportunities there are in the blogging world and sharing my tips with others. Before we begin, make sure you’ve read my previous blogging as a business monthly updates posts. Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 So let’s have chat about month 4 shall we!  Blogging Life As I mentioned in month 3, I decided to leave my permanent teaching job and go supply. A month or so on and I am beyond happy with my decision. Although I know going freelance or self-employed means no sick pay and holiday pay, I feel like I am completely… View Post

Wow, it’s month three already- that’s gone quick! I’ve had some lovely messages from everyone about the first couple of posts (you can also read my month 1 and month 2 reflections) and I do love writing these- I am super proud of my little internet space!  So let’s begin… Life Update Ok, life update: I quit my job! In fact, yesterday was officially my last day! Now don’t worry- I’m not about to go all super ‘full time influencer’ on you all- but my part-time job was rapidly turning into almost full-time work and was making me super stressed- which kind of defeated the whole object of working part-time in the first place. My blog was getting neglected this month and my book manuscript was unloved- I just wasn’t get… View Post