As I’m dedicating more and more time to blogging, I’m starting to blog on the go: be in coffee shops or train journeys; I try to make the most of my time and squeeze in an email or edit a picture when I can. Because of this, I’ve needed a  new bag to carry my trusty blogging chromebook and all the other things us bloggers need! So in today’s post I thought I’d share what’s in my blogging handbag! First up, the handbag itself! I’ve been using the Lexi Laptop bag by Bags by Black * I’m not a huge fan of traditional laptop bags so when I saw this handbag that is specifically designed for carrying around laptops (as well as plenty of space for all the bits and bobs… View Post

  Happy Monday! Although Monday is definitely my least favourite day, I thought I would share some positivity with you today by blogging about the things that inspire me most. First up is things that inspire me to my write! Gorgeous stationary is pretty much-guaranteed inspo for me so I picked up this A3 notebook from Paperchase it the weekend. I made sure to buy an A3 one so I’ve got plenty of space for all of my blogging ideas; I find A4 ones too small to plan posts. I also made another exciting purchase this weekend: a voice to text recorder. I’m planning to blog lots more this year and have other exciting writing projects in the pipeline (which I’ll share soon!) so I decided to invest in one… View Post